Juventus capital gains, FIGC and Covisoc move to defend the system

Juventus capital gains, FIGC and Covisoc move to defend the system

Turin – The countdown continues, the wait is mounting. And also the feeling of uncertainty, of course. And day by day we understand thatcapital gains processwhich includes Juventus It takes on connotations, dimensions and surroundings that go beyond the scope of a “simple” investigation aimed at verifying the mismanagement (or otherwise) of a sports club. -15 that have been inflicted on Juventus and the inhibitions to which its members or former members are subjected to ending in a complete championship, a complete movement. In short, “the system”. So much so that file Italian Football Federation She found herself in the position of having to decide, in a sense, which side to take. But in reaction on different fronts. First of all, there is the advantage of the matter of Juventus (which led to the penalty) which the federation immediately decided to remain in third place. As is well known, the capital gains process has reached the last chapter, the third degree of governance. After the acquittal of all the accused in Federal Court And in Federal Court of Appeal, Juventus – and only Juventus, with affiliate members in real time – were judged after accepting the request to annul the previous sentence. They recorded the records (wiretaps and documents) of the investigation conducted by the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Turin. So the last word belongs to College guarantee.

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