Microsoft accuses Sony of paying to block games from accessing Xbox Game pass –

Microsoft accuses Sony of paying to block games from accessing Xbox Game pass –

Microsoft Accused Sony To pay for games rights ban, so developers don’t publish them onXbox Game Pass. The serious and explosive statement was found in Documents sent to the Brazilian Antitrust As part of the Redmond House review process for the Activision acquisition.

Microsoft’s allegations seem serious enough. in document It was presented on August 9 at the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), and it can be read: “Sony, eager to rein in, has hampered Microsoft’s ability to continue expanding Game Pass. Sony is pushing a rights ban to prevent developers from adding content to Game Pass and other subscription services of its competitors.

Phil Spencer is the brains behind Xbox Game Pass

Of course, it is necessary to put everything in the context of competition and Microsoft’s goals in the context of drafting this document. Sony can simply pay to get services exclusive to certain games for its services, adding clauses to contracts that prevent publishers from publishing it on other competing services. This is something that has practically always been present in the world of video games, so it doesn’t surprise too much.

However, Microsoft’s reference is not actually very clear and should be read as a way to show which Brazilian regulator it has taken over. Activision Blizzard For about $70 billion, it does not risk forming any monopoly, given the very aggressive practices of its largest competitor. After all, video game publishing contracts can be very complex and stipulate agreements that have meaning that is difficult to define by those on the other side of the fence, gamers say.

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This news partially confirms what Sony fears about the growth of Xbox Game Pass, or else it won’t be investing a lot of money to rein it in. Moreover, it also shows that there is a great deal of competition in the service market, which also consists of such flights.

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