What made Podemos not present itself to the Catalans?

What made Podemos not present itself to the Catalans?

BarcelonaThe question of whether the Communes and Podemos would break their alliance in the run-up to the Catalan elections was resolved on Wednesday in a way that surprised even part of Catalonia's Purple Party executive: the formation chose not to appear on 12 November. -M, arguing that doing so alone would fragment the left's space and endanger future progressive government. The ranks of the Podemos party in Catalonia supported the decision in a closed consultation on Saturday, with 70.7% support and the participation of two thousand registered people. What happened that caused a party that claimed to be strong and ready to defend its project in Catalan institutions to abandon the electoral battle in Parliament?

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According to sources consulted by the coalition, several factors influenced it: first, the bad results in the Galician elections after the hardliners rejected the agreement with Somare and the proximity to the European agreements; The second, the impossibility of forming a coalition with any other force, including the commons, and the third, the fact that the executive director of Podem Catalunya has only two months of filming – despite the fact that the regional coordinator, Conchi Abellan, had 2020 – and has set himself the goal of rebuilding the party. After years during which Podemos was under the common shadow of Catalonia, they admit of the same formation. Other sources claim that although the proposal not to present itself surprised part of the leaders at Wednesday's meeting, there was finally consensus and the issue of consultation received the support of the executive.

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Agreement with the state leadership

The decision was made in cooperation with the Podemos leadership in Madrid, which is breathing a sigh of relief now that the scenario that the Purple Party had feared is starting to disappear: that bad results in Catalonia will push its supporters to choose other formations (or more precisely (for Somar) in the face of the possibility of not Irene Monteiro's list gains representation in the European elections, with the rise of the right and the far right. Sources from the Catalan leadership confirm that the Purple Party will not campaign for 12-M: neither for the commons nor for any other left-wing party. Although the idea is to take advantage of this Most famous for focusing on the European file – and Abellan is also part of Montero's list – the truth is that with this decision the party is giving up its electoral rights and gaining maximum exposure before the June elections. In the September 9 elections, the Catalan candidate for Soumare will be none other than Jaume Asens, the leader Former BODM party.

This move aside has caused upset in the militancy sector, according to several informed sources, who regretted being asked if she was in favor of not appearing on the “12-M De facto” programme. In addition, the Bodem Catalunya party had already activated the primaries for the parliamentary elections, in which it fielded only one candidate, led by Abellán, and the results have not yet been announced.

Was there an option to go with the commons?

Both Podemos and the Commune have launched mutual accusations since the electoral breakthrough was announced, especially after the Purple Group opened up to exploring alliances with the CUP, Esquerra, or even the PSC. On Wednesday, March 27, two days before the deadline for registering coalitions, the final meeting was held after Podemos rejected the first offer, according to some sources. There, the senior leaders of Catalonia in the Commune transferred those who had ruled out going with them from Podemos to the Catalans, as confirmed by sources from both parties. Both sides agree on the reasons: the decision of Podemos and Somar to go separately to the Europeans and the collapse in Congress, which the Commons feared would be repeated in Parliament. House of Commons sources suggest that Wednesday's meeting served to put “black on white” and indicate that the context and progress of the election did not allow a “rapid and robust” agreement to be negotiated in a timely manner.

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Looking to the future, neither side considers that the bridges that must in fact continue to be maintained in the councils in which they share have been broken. The House of Commons candidate for 12-M, Jessica Albiach, was convinced that there could be understandings in the future with Podemos, the party of which she was part until a few months ago. In Podemos, the door is not closed, although administrative sources consider it “complicated.” They also did not accept the decision of the House of Commons to appoint Yolanda Lopez to the head of the Tarragona list, which tore up the Podemos ticket but remained a deputy in the parliamentary group.

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