Delfina, fashion and “out of water” that the United States loves the Emirates

Delfina, fashion and “out of water” that the United States loves the Emirates

Success born by chance thanks to a meeting and grown over the years to cross the Italian border. Born from the idea of ​​designer Delfina Marsaglia in 1992, the Delfina swimwear and beachwear brand is a fun little collection that’s displayed in a Romanian department store, and instantly grabs the attention of American Vogue editor. After buying a bikini, the journalist returns to New York and writes an article on the brand. Not only. “It also introduced me to some American store buyers,” Delfina says.

The collection has since been on sale in Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, and Barneys. Gradually the brand also spread in Italy.

About 70,000 pieces of clothing are produced each year, of which 70% – after Covid – are sold in Italy, while 30% go abroad. “The situation is reversed compared to the past – he explains – when it was the outside that stimulated most of the production.” Covid has banned participation in trade fairs and this trend has had repercussions on sales destinations.

The brand has a chain of owned stores, in Rome and Capri but also in exotic locations like Saint Barth, in the Caribbean, while in Milan this summer, a June pop-up is being prepared in the Brera region (via Marsala).

The peculiarity of Delfina is that the collection gives way to rejection in many ways since almost all models can be developed in all publications. “It was born as a collection of fashion – says the designer – but there are now many ‘out of water’ garments, cover-ups, kaftans, gowns, and embroidered dresses in India, in silk, cotton or linen.”

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