BMW has a model that costs 129,700 euros in the Access version

BMW has a model that costs 129,700 euros in the Access version

You don't need to be an automotive expert to know that BMW It happens to be one of the top-rated premium brands across the globe, as well as one of the major brands of reference among most VIPs along with Mercedes I AudiObviously, luxury brands are left as they are Porsche, Ferrari And the company

A brand that has always been characterized perhaps by the presence of a much more sporting point in the approach of the vast majority of its models, but that does not mean that those coming from Munich are not also a brand that is always attentive to details and that ends up putting models on the market with a level of quality and luxury that should not be envied. Even those Mercedes Not if Audi.

A good example of this is the model he has BMW It surprised many a while ago when it was officially presented, among other things because it is a huge SUV with its own design language, and since it could not be otherwise, it is not exactly a cheap option .

The BMW XM, the huge SUV is only for the most VIPs

This model is just that BMW XMan SUV with a length of more than 5 meters, which, moreover, can only be configured with a plug-in hybrid mechanism with different types of power and which has a level of quality and standard equipment that places it at the highest levels within the range of a German brand.

Moreover, the fact that the simplest version of all has a price reflects on it 130,000 euros It is already clear that we are dealing with one of the best models of the Munich brand.

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The entry-level version has a 476 hp PHEV mechanical engine, which, although it is far from the version with the most powerful engine in this model range, a 748 hp engine, is already the top choice that allows this SUV Uses to have very sporty features.

The German brand is well aware that this type of model will not become its best-selling model anyway, but always having models closer to luxury than general models is something that helps this type of manufacturer continue to maintain its position. The status of the brand within the market makes it well above average.

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