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US and British intelligence: “He is ready to destabilize the country with military action”

US and British intelligence increasingly believe that Vladimir Putin Is considering military action to bring a major role under controlTo destabilize Ukraine or the country Encourages pro-Moscow government. He writes it New York Times, According to which 007 Americans warn allies that there is a short-term window to prevent such an act, which prompts European countries to work with the United States to create a package. Sanctions and military action to control the Kremlin.

US intelligence has told allies that Putin is increasingly frustrated with the peace process with France and Germany since the annexation of Crimea and support for the separatist uprising in the Donbass, according to US and European NYT sources. And Putin, who continues Concentration of troops on the border of the country Nearby, he may aim to secure a land route between eastern Ukraine and Crimea. U.S. analysts believe the Kremlin leader sees the coming months as a unique time for action. Using the Angela Merkel exit and rising energy prices, Which could limit Europe’s support – largely dependent on Russian supplies – to tough sanctions.

November 20, 2021 (November 20, 2021 change | 03:23)

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