In the future there are also Europe and the United States

In the future there are also Europe and the United States

Chinese automaker BYD HAN aims to expand more and more, especially beyond national borders, starting with its entry into the old continent market, which is one of the most profitable markets in the world.

The company recently announced Willingness to enter the markets of various European countries Such as Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, which will be added to Norway, a country with BYD entered the European market.

After look at the models BYD at the 2022 Paris Motor Show The next step will be to produce their own cars on site, so the idea in the mind of the Chinese brand managers is Produced in Europe by opening different factories. We will check the possibility – BYD recently learned about it – To build domestic factories in Europe based on our business progressAt the moment, this is a realistic project only on paper, since no details have been provided regarding BYD’s expansion goals, and therefore it is not clear in which countries the Chinese group intends to install its factories to start vehicle production, not to mention the timing of this interesting project.

However, this is also not a simple task because BYD will have to be able to impress customers outside of China To be a global brand, and therefore ready to fight first of all with European companies, starting with the big German ones such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW and so on. But the rather ambitious plans for the future of the Chinese do not end with the Old Continent given that, according to other rumors, the brand is also considering Another big global auto market like the US marketI, a nation of about 330 million people. In this case, however, BYD appears to want to set up a battery production plant, aiming to take advantage of the incentives offered by the Inflation Reduction Act, a measure passed by the Biden administration that is attracting many manufacturers. In the automotive sector to invest abroad.

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