What do you do on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 January

The first weekend of 2022, which despite the implementation of anti-Covid safety regulations sees the city still lively with many Christmas lights and open to Romans and tourists visiting the Eternal City.

A weekend featuring a calendar of events in a Christmas flavor and more. Like the unusual openings of many of the Capitoline Museums, some even have free admission. Between comedies and musicals, Romanian theaters also present a varied and entertaining program this weekend in early January. Jazz, classics and much more characterize this weekend’s concerts. There is no shortage of markets that light and warm the many villages around Rome, and of course Christmas villages in the city and beyond.

What will you do in Rome on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd January

Start the year in music with concerts scheduled at the Auditorium Parco della Musica: Saturday 1 January begins with a concert by Giovanni Allevi and jazz by Stefano Di Battista Quartet, while Vasco Brondi steps up on Sunday with a concert in music and lyrics. The music was also shown on the Sistina Theater with her music recording “MammaMia!” Which, after the New Year’s special, brings the joy of great comedy to the city. The curtains also open at the Parioli Theatre, featuring Dario Fo and Franca Ram, and at Ambra Juvenelli with a theatrical adaptation of Ferzan Ozbek’s “Main Vagante”. The Christmas air is in the city and villages just outside of Rome, with the Christamas World Christmas Village in the Auditorium Parco della Musica and the Village of Wonders in Santa Severa Village. Several exhibitions open this weekend at the beginning of the year, from the works of Klimt to the installations of the Balloon Museum in the Pratibus district. Many unmissable events to celebrate the beginning of the new year with prosperity.

Here, then, the events on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 January in and around Rome are not to be missed.

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Opening of museums in Capodarte Rome 2022

On the first Saturday of January, the Museums of Rome will open their doors for guided tours and meetings with artists and authors. In addition, there are many theaters and cinemas that offer free screenings of shows and films, and the opportunity to meet directors and artists. More than 40 cultural spaces in the city, including archaeological areas. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Torracchio Gallery in Celino

Sunday January 2 from 10 am to sunset in the ghost town of Selino Deadline for the market fair of handmade and artistic objects. An event that is an opportunity to discover the village of Viterbo and the many handicrafts typical of the region, such as zafira ceramics or soap made from olive and essential oils. During the market, you can try out the handicrafts and find out how to participate in the process of reviving the village in the future. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

theatrical performances

At the Sistina Theatre, we start over with an audience-acclaimed record, “Mama Mia!” With music and songs of ABBA. A brilliant comedy starring Paolo Contessini, Luca Ward, Sergio Muniz, Sabrina Marciano. to me Teatro Ambra Jovinelli plot by author “Mine Vaganti”Directed by Farzan Ozbek, who made this great cinema success fit for the stage. theatrical season Parioli Theater, where “Mistero Buffo” is shown Played by Matthias Martelli. A text by Dario Fo and Franca Rami in which the authentic traditions of Italian theater are restored. if Show “This Strange Will to Live”, with the story of two brothers, a mysterious writer and an aspiring actress whose fates intersect on a train.

Live Christmas scenes

in Areca The return of the fifth version of the scene of the living nativity that can be visited in the spaces of the Church of Don Bosco. A trip to ancient Bethlehem on Christmas Days, where you can trace deals and places between characters and reenactments. until the The village of Civita di Bagnoregio He comes alive and plunges into the past, with his living birth. A show full of suggestions and emotions.

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Christmas villages

The last days of the Christmas holidays and also for visiting Christmas villages, in the city and outside of Rome. Like The World of Christmas at the Parco della MusicaWhere you can travel among the most distinctive places of the largest cities in the world surrounded by lights and shows. It doesn’t even stop at the park The world of Cinecittà the magic of Christmas, with a Christmas market, Santa’s house, and more than 40 attractions for adults and children, such as a skating rink and art lighting. Just outside the city, in the castle and village of Santa Severa, you can spend pleasant hours in the suggestive atmosphere of the village that has become Wonder Village during the Christmas holidays. A walk through the village will also be a way to move the imagination between the music of bagpipes and performances by street performers and live bands. And much more.

Weekend parties

The Auditorium Parco della Musica presents performances and concerts by authors on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday January 1st begins with two concerts, a concert for the pianist and composer Giovanni Allevi Who will perform at Sala Santa Cecilia and Jazz Concert and not only in Stefano Di Batista Quartet Who will make with Gino Castaldo songs, lyrics and memories of Lucio Dalla hesitate. Sunday January 2 concert show Vasco Bruni “a spiritual thing”Presentation of songs, poems, readings and meditations.

Market Fair in Grecchio

In the village of Greccio continues the market fair for handicrafts and crib items, also a distinguished market for wooden chalets hosting banquets lit with suggestive Christmas lights. A market with a height of 705 meters where you can also taste many typical products. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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In Palazzo Braschi you can visit Exhibition “Klimt. Secession and Italy”. On this occasion, some artifacts from foreign museums and private collections are returning to Italy. An exhibition that traces the stages of the complete artistic story of Gustav Klimt. Maxxi . is displayed Snapshots of Sebastiao Salgado with Amazonia, more than 200 works to immerse yourself in the world of the jungle by combining the wonderful images of Salgado with the tactile sounds of the jungle. In the Pratypus area an exhibition for all ages, with Balloon Museum. The installation project was designed and promoted with the aim of bringing an invasion of color to the most memorable places in the cities that host it.

Installation of “Human Scape” in the hall

One photo per day for 33 days. This is the photographic installation on display in the dome of the Sinopoli Chamber in the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The protagonists of the installation and the shots are the people: whether they are spontaneous portraits or expertly considered poses, the faces of women and men tell the story of life, hopes, suffering and human struggles. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Dinosaur Empire at the Botanical Garden Museum

A hugely popular gallery that makes the combination of science and art the flagship. A complete journey into the past of our planet, exploring both the terrestrial environment, where the ultimate heroes are dinosaurs, and the marine environment with large reptiles. Exhibition suitable for adults and children. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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