Will not draw the Queen of Spades Corriere.it

Will not draw the Queen of Spades Corriere.it
to Pierluigi Panza

Mayor Sala: “Gergiev did not respond to the letter.” Teatro alla Scala is looking for another opera director on the bill until March 15th. On March 7, the Chilean Philharmonic Orchestra will replace the Russian conductor

“I don’t think there will be, I think we can rule that out at this point.” Mayor Giuseppe Sala It confirms what was clear in La Scala days ago. Valery Gergiev, pro-Putin tutor – The vanity of a friend and replacement technician for the Tsar in the war against Ukraine – Director of the Night of the Queen of Spades last February 23, He will not return to the Bermarini directly. Silently down the Russian music star Warning sent by Mayor and Superintendent Dominic MeyerHe did not reply, and I certainly did not ask for any renunciation. But I asked for a distance from the war, which is a bit different,” Sala asserts. “I see that other people in the art world, like Anna Netrebko, have expressed themselves in this way, as well as many in the world of sports. I don’t want to judge but what I know , and I asked my supervisor Meyer to confirm, is that Valery Gergiev left and did not answer. We’ll see what happens – and concludes – This is the topic brought up by Milan but many facts and musical pagodas have already been conveyed“.

Gergiev and theaters abroad

Carnegie Hall and Viner had already sent him home; The Munich Philharmonic did the same (mayor Dieter Reiter would set out to overthrow him), Rotterdam did the same, while London had already closed its relations with the Bolshoi (a tour was planned). La Scala will also soon begin appointing a new Director As for the upcoming performances of the “Queen of Spades”, which we will try not to cancel (opera in Russian, in the first act we see Russian boys with machine guns in their hands chanting: “We will save the homeland, / Together we will fight / Countless enemies / We will draw into slavery”); The singers are almost all Russian). Gerviev’s dismissal will be formalized at the same time as the replacement. As for the concert of the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra on March 7 Announcing the replacement of Ricardo Chile.

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International Agent

The one who actually “get rid” of Gergiev is his international agent, Marcus Felsner. In light of the criminal war that the Russian regime is perpetrating against the independent democratic Ukrainian nation – he wrote on Twitter – and against the open European society as a whole, it has become It is impossible for us, and obviously unwelcome, to defend the interests of Mr. Gergiev“(here personal interview Posted by 7-CorriereRussia, the land of the tsars. Since France was a king and England a “kingdom” – he said – we haven’t had one for over 100 years. But Russia is too big to manage and is lost without leadership.”).

Opera until March 15th

Now for La Scala, it’s about finding an exit in short order for the opera on the bill until March 15. The cast includes Julia Gertseva in the part of the Countess, Alexei Markov as Prince Yelitsky and above all Asmik Grigorian, a real theatrical animal, in the part of Lisa.

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