A cake of poetry and thought by Aina Riera and Martí Berlanga, voices and verses of Demartes Boesia

A cake of poetry and thought by Aina Riera and Martí Berlanga, voices and verses of Demartes Boesia

Per Perilo Nomdedio I angel Tyrone, Poets and promoters of Poetry Tuesdays launched the 57th edition last Tuesday, March 19, at Agua Bar, organized by the Fil de pua group, in collaboration with the Poeteca Literary Project of the Foundation. The opportunity was taken to celebrate World Poetry Day two days ago.

Poet and host of Ona Mediterrània's “Bon dia poesia”, Pere Perelló; He was responsible for introducing the two guest poets: Palmisana Aina Riera And the one from Barcelona Marty Berlanga. Poet Angel Tyrone has already made 51 mystery cakes in honor of a guest or guests at his Tuesday Poetry Sessions. For this occasion, Ángel Terron made the Poetry and Thought Cake, a three-level cake, in the first with wheat dough and Manacor yeast, in the second with cardamom seeds and mango sauce and in the third with hair with a layer of pure. Chocolate from the Huesca region and fleur de sel with poppy seeds.

Young poet Martí Berlanga said: “It is my second time visiting Mallorca, I have fond memories of the days I spent in the Serra de Tramuntana, and today I am excited to be here and read in front of the group.” “Quadrupédia” is a collection of poems from the 21st century, it is a boy’s development “He didn't know how to write his own elegy when he was four years old, but today Marty writes the trajectory of his childhood and adolescence. It can be a little raw.” Berlanga recited a handful of his poems, which won the 8th Francesc Garriga Prize, and were published by AdiA Edicions.

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Aina Riera began with the origins of her poetry collection “A la taigà”: “I wrote it during quarantine and at the insistence of the family group. Discovered by a Russian woman named Agafia Lykov, she was isolated for more than forty years in the Siberian taiga forest, a forest dense with conifers and inhabited only by bears, foxes, and wolves. Away from civilization and living in a more spiritual, comfortable and austere way. Agafia was the only survivor from a family consisting of a father, mother and four siblings. I experienced the process of identifying with this character and her intimate relationship. They are poems that transport to that forest and to the life of this woman, poems by the mother and father, details of words and some facts from the life of Agafia Lykov.”

“The taiga is an invitation to discover the secrets that Agafia keeps under the bark,” explains Katerina Ripa in the introduction to Aina Riera’s poetry book, winner of the 24th Alila Prize by Maria Oehlert, published by Fonol Publishing House. “A journey into the most radical deprivation. An invitation to stay in the open air that We put all poetry in it.”

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