Chiara Ferragni, accident at sea: rescued after four hours

Chiara Ferragni, accident at sea: rescued after four hours

The beginning of a nightmarish holiday in Greece for Chiara Ferragni. The digital entrepreneur, who had just landed on the island, allowed a comfortable boat ride. Too bad, but right after departure, there was a breakdown on the plane! The passengers were at the mercy of the waves for four hours, when help finally arrived…

Chiara Ferragni left for Greece with his historical collection friends, Including Veronica Ferraro, Chiara Biasi and Filippo Fiora. a a trip Which must be full of fun, to fully enjoy the beautiful seascapes that are just there Greece can display. Too bad things didn’t go the right way…

just landed Greece, In fact, Chiara Ferragni And his party decided to do one Boat trip. It is an initiative that turned into a nightmare! as told Chiara Ferragni, Shortly after leaving, there was broken To the boat that panicked them…

Chiara Ferragni: Fear at sea

Chiara Ferragni, accident at sea: rescued after four hours

To say unfortunate accident it was right Chiara Ferragni This is on Instagram, She documented what happened live, explaining to her followers that she is practically at the mercy of the waves and no one is helping them:

children The boat broke! Here we are waiting to dock somewhere, waiting for a taxi boat to come and pick us up. A trip that was supposed to take an hour and a half has changed… Now we’re from three hours in this boat in nothing

Soon she was one of the best friends Chiara Ferragni, Veronica Ferraro, to testify that she is now safe. When night had already fallen, they were taken on a taxi boat that took them back to the mainland:

and then four hours they take us Rescued…

In short, everything is fine, but sure Chiara Ferragni You would never have imagined starting a vacation with such an adventure!

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