Is the Italiana Stock Exchange open or closed today, December 31, 2021? After-hours trading hours

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Here’s what the Italiana Stock Exchange calendar has to offer on New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Eve). Focus on specs for an after-hours session

As it always happens on the occasion of the days preceding holidays (recognized or traditional), attention is due to what the Italian Stock Exchange calendar provides for these occasions. December 31st is New Year’s Eve, and it is the last day of the year. There is no red flag in the civil calendar, and therefore tomorrow is considered a working day like any other.

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So far the official rulings. However, the 31st of December is traditionally considered a semi-holiday, and in fact many companies are closed and the open company either works with reduced employees or only works for half a day.

In this context, today December 31, 2021, will the Milan Stock Exchange close or open? As the most loyal traders of Italian stocks will surely know, the Italiana Stock Exchange does not always follow the rules of the traditional calendar. This means that there are some public holidays when the stock market is open and other non-holidays when the stock market is closed.

December 31 has always been part of this second category. Today, in fact, the Italiana Stock Exchange will be closed for the holidays. The day after January 1st (New Year’s Eve) is also considered a holiday in the Italian stock market. However, in 2022, the date coincides with Saturday, so the problem does not arise even with the stock market always closed on Saturday.

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After doing the math, yesterday December 30, 2021 was the last trading day of the year for Piazza Avary. The market will return to trading on Monday, January 3, 2022.

The fact that the Italian Stock Exchange is closed today December 31, 2021 does not mean that it is not possible to trade online. It is true that Italian stocks are prohibited but it is always possible to speculate on them, for example Forex or on raw materials starting with oil. To work in these markets, it is not necessary to use different platforms. Today, in fact, there are online brokers such as eToro (read full review here) It allows you to trade from a single platform. Not only that: eToro also offers a free trial of €100,000 to allow beginners to practice without risk.

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December 31, 2021: What are closed stock exchanges?

In addition to the Milan Stock Exchange, are there other financial centers that will be closed for holidays today, December 31, 2021? Let’s assume right away that the Italiana Stock Exchange will not be the only one closing its doors. The stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Tokyo will also be closed today.

On the other hand, an early closing of the London, Hong Kong and Paris stock exchanges is expected. Other exchanges will instead open normally.

Online trading after hours?

As specified in the title, in this article we are also referring to the after-hours trading session. Obviously tomorrow’s after-hours session will be closed as Piazza Avary is at rest. It will not be possible to trade after hours until next week.

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The out-of-hours session will not be active even on the following days: Monday 3, Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5, Thursday 6 and Friday 7 January. This segment will reopen on Monday, January 10, 2021.

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