Chaos in the rehearsal room. while i went…

Chaos in the rehearsal room.  while i went…

tense moments between Mattia Zinzola and Umberto Gaudino to friends. The dancer and the professional had an argument in the rehearsal room, as seen on the daytime episode broadcast today on Channel 5. The professional Latin American dancer left the room because he was annoyed by the student’s behaviour. Meanwhile another dancer was also present, Congrats!who immediately called out to his partner, pointing out his mistakes.

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Although Mattia and Umberto have known each other for some time, it seems that the former cannot listen to the professional’s advice to improve. In the end, the two had a rather heated confrontation. And Umberto called himself into a fury like never before: ‘Now I want to speak. While you make your journey, we make ourselves available to you.’ It requires respect. On your part, there is never a smile or positive approach to what you do. The fact that I have to stand there talking to a child pisses me off.”

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Then he seemed sorry for what had happened and admitted his mistakes: “I get angry at myself“If you had given me this letter a month ago, I would have signed it,” replied Gaudino, deeply disappointed. I see the same things I saw last year.” But in the end, he decided to be more understanding of the boy: “Forget about the previous outburst. You have to grow up! We’ve made it clear. Show me, when we meet, the difference. I love you and you know it.” Meanwhile, on Twitter, many commented on the incident saying they had never seen the professional react like this: “I have never seen Umberto so black.”

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