What did Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Toca Luisa offer? Truth

Raymond Todaro And Francesca Touch I’ve had a You’ve got mail for help John to propose to her he knows.

There’s mail for you: Final Episode

she is back You’ve got mail after the break for Sanremo Festival. Maria de FilippiAs usual, he tries to restore harmony in the families who ask for help.

The coordination has remained the same for several years now. Those who apply to broadcast send an invitation, through the presenter, once in the studio, if they accept it, Maria de Filippi Try to restore peace.

A program in a fairly simple format, but very successful precisely because it touches the heart strings.

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As usual, even in this episode there was no shortage of VIPs. Especially Luciana Letizetto That brought sympathy and laughter.

The latter is already in the studio Francesca Cipriani and her boyfriend Alexander To ask about the secret of their passion.

later also Alex Bailey He asked him how he manages the free love that he declares. All filled with loads of laughter and to shut down some hilarious laughs.

In conclusion also two beloved dancers or Raimundo Todaro And Francesca Toucha couple very famous also for their participation in Amici.

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What did Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Toca Luisa offer?

Raimundo Todaro And Francesca Touch They have proven to be very affectionate and loving towards them he knows They also talk about their history.

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The dancers gave the wedding dress to Louisa, who could choose it at any time and in the store of her preference.

In addition to guests You’ve got mail They also made a cheap gift, at least for what they suggested, even if the amount was not known.

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