December 8, 2022

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A kiss between models in the Spanish neighbourhoods, the nun gets angry and pushes them away: it’s the devil…

A strange episode that occurred during a photo session in the Spanish Quarter of Naples: a nun gets angry after seeing a kiss between two young models.

What are you doing? What are you doing? It’s the devil! Jesus, Joseph, Saint Anna and Mary!In any other part of the world, such a scene, which occurred while taking a picture, could have been described as a theatrical, a provocation. But Naples, in the Spanish Quarters: anything is possible.

And so it happens that two actresses, Serena Di Ferrari And the Kishan WilsonBoth are heroes TV series “Marie Fore”Even though they were the heroes of a scene worthy of an episodic movie Vittorio de Sica. The story was timeless: there were lenses everywhere, as it was a photo session.

Explaining what happened to is Roberta Mastaliamakeup stylist and author of one of the Instagram stories she documented with the (sometimes disturbing) singular backstage:

We were at Quartieri Spagnoli, in an alley and were doing a magazine shoot with my hero Mare Fuori as models. Suddenly a nun came asking us if we had gone to mass in the morning…

Open Heaven: The nun, an old woman in a white coat, begins to harass against the group of young men who work:

When we said no, we didn’t go to mass, I started blaming our generation for the coronavirus…then I realized the models were kissing each other and ran to share.

In the group to watch the scene besides the two models, there is the photographer Luigi Sjambatodesigner Domenico Diomede Together with the staff, Erica Del Brett, Laura DeFranco And the Sarah de Quarto (Beauty stylists) and makeup artists Roberta And the mikol. They witness the eruption of the nun approaching the two models, immortalized combing her lips to part them, genuinely terrified: «What are you two doing? What are you doing? It’s the devil! Jesus, Joseph, Santana and Maria! ».

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Roberta concludes the story:

At first we were stunned by this behaviour. We took it sarcastically, in fact, as we saw in the video, the models are laughing.

But after a while, we asked the nun to leave because she was obstructing our work in an urgent way and she slowly walked away.