“I feel my heart at 1,000.” That’s what they do

“I feel my heart at 1,000.”  That’s what they do

out of place Gf vipBe happy. the Donalesi They’re back, and even though they’re out of the game, they’re very happy. He writes: “I feel my heart at 1,000” Antonella Fiordellisi Below is the video, which he posts to his stories after the episode. Meanwhile, he sings out loud with Giovanotti’s “Greatest Show After the Big Bang” with Eduardo DonnamarĂ­a in the car, embracing and smiling. It’s all been shared on her profile as the former swordsman is back and more active than ever.

Antonella Fiordelesi, fan message: “This is why you were excluded from GfVip”

Gf Vip, Edoardo Donnamaria comments on Antonella Fiordelisi’s exit: “You were disqualified by your fans, but for me you won”


After 6 months in Casa del Gf Vip, Antonella was knocked out one step away from the final. Despite the bitterness, she now appears to have recovered and returned to real life, though not so quickly. “I will sleep?” She writes under another story while playing with Edoardo’s dog with her boyfriend right behind him. It’s now clear that the two are together under one roof, so will it be to rekindle the feelings you had on the reality show and continue their love story or will it just be for a while?

the message

“I’m a bit confused, but I’ve read you all,” she says in another story, and continues by reposting memorial photos with Nikita or tweets they made about her. “I’m in after reading you all” she writes again with a small heart and a smile that suggests the messages from fans are many and so sweet and supportive of her.

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