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Milan, February 11, 2022. On the occasion of International Women’s Day in Science, Fondazione Gianni Bonadonna, with Prada Group as a supporting partner, and Fondazione AIRC presenting the winners of the first edition of the “Gianni Bonadonna” Fellowship in the week that opens on February 4 as World Cancer Day and ends today with World Cancer Day Women in Science, the Gianni Bonadonna Foundation are pleased, With the support of the Prada Group and the AIRC Foundation, the presentation of young researchers, winners of the first call for scholarships abroad in memory of the father of Italian oncology, Gianni Bonadona. I Gaia Giannone and Stefania Morganti To win the 2021 edition of the Call for Fellowship FGB-AIRC. The scholarships include a 3-year period abroad at the most prestigious international cancer institutes, where oncologists will be able to engage with new study approaches and start research projects focused on two cancers to give new hope to many patients. Jaya Giannon, today at Institut Candiolo – Piedmont Foundation for Medical Oncology – IRCCS, will be dealing with ovarian cancer at Imperial College London; His project includes recent analyzes of high-grade serous ovarian cancer, the most frequent and aggressive type of ovarian cancer, to identify mutations that occur during tumor progression and resistance development, with the goal of customizing treatments at each stage of the disease. Stefania Morganti of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan will move to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to conduct research on HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer: the aim of her research project is to deepen studies on minimal residual disease as a possible indicator of long response duration of treatment and thus to identify appropriate treatment strategies According to the characteristics of the tumor, for the benefit of patients. Press Release #1 Both research projects will advance knowledge about ovarian and breast cancer and improve treatments and patients’ quality of life. This is how one of the most ambitious goals of the collaboration between the Gianni Bonadona Foundation, supported by the Prada Group and the AIRC Foundation is being achieved: training a new generation of medical researchers able to combine competence and knowledge in basic research with a similar clinical setting, made available to cancer patients. “The award of the first translational research grant to bear Gianni Bonadona’s name came on the heels of what the father of modern medical oncology has always considered essential: oncologists and oncologists who know medicine and know about research to further improve treatment possibilities for cancer patients.” – Luca Gianni, President of the Gianni Bonadona Foundation announces – “The two oncological research they use represent the first step in the commitment of the Gianni Bonadona Foundation, together with the Prada Group as a supporting partner, and AIRC to maintain the drive for “Italian Oncology innovation.” With the assignment of two Gianni Bonadona scholarships, the international clinical research specialization and the training course for young researchers – says Federico Caligaris Cappio, Scientific Director of the AIRC Foundation – begins. Experience in excellent foreign laboratories is a very important step for the growth of our scientists, for whom we must guarantee the best conditions to return to our country, to benefit from what we have learned. Precisely for this reason, AIRC is making special calls like Start-Up One and is working on a new, large-scale plan to enhance the contribution of the most intelligent young researchers, in order to ensure a better future of cancer research and contribute to its growth.” “Education and culture are essential tools that help us not only to Understand ourselves and the world we live in but push us to explore what we don’t know. I am pleased that Prada can support the excellence of the new generation in the path of research and education together with the Gianni Bonadonna Foundation.” — Miuccia Prada With this in mind, the Gianni Bonadonna Foundation and the AIRC Foundation, given the success of the first call and the high quality of applications received for the 2021 edition, are pleased to announce The second edition of the call for the “Gianni Bonadonna” Fellowship 2022. Details of which will be published in the coming months on the corporate websites of FGB and AIRC. 2 Press Release 3 The Gianni Bonadonna Foundation ( was created to honor and pursue the legacy of Gianni Bonadonna, Sr. Founder of modern medical oncology and discoverer of new treatments for breast cancer and lymphoma.The Foundation aims to promote innovation in the treatment of cancer from the earliest stages of study in humans and to support and encourage the training of new generations of medical researchers in oncology.AIRC | Since 1965 Bravely, Against Cancer, The AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research supports innovative scientific projects thanks to transparent and ongoing fundraising, disseminates scientific information, and promotes a culture of prevention in homes, yards and schools. 4.5 million supporters, 20,000 volunteers and 17 regional committees ensure that more than 5,000 researchers – 62% women and 55% “under 40” – have the resources to transfer results from laboratory to patient in the shortest possible time. In 55 years of commitment, AIRC has distributed more than one billion seven hundred million euros to fund cancer research (data updated and updated as of January 10, 2022). Information and statistics on Gruppo Prada | The Prada Group is an authoritative voice in the luxury sector and the harbinger of an ongoing dialogue with contemporary society that crosses different cultural spheres, as the Prada Group builds its identity on core values ​​such as creative independence, transformation and sustainable development. Building on these principles, it offers its brands a shared vision to interpret and express their ethos. The group owns some of the most prestigious brands in the luxury sector, Prada, Miu Miu, Churches, Car Show, Marchesy 1824.

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