Isola dei Famosi, Pamela Camassa, do you remember her as the winner of Amici? Here it is in 2019

Isola dei Famosi, Pamela Camassa, do you remember her as the winner of Amici?  Here it is in 2019

Isola dei Famosi, not everyone knows that Pamela Camassa participated in the Amici in 2019: the castaway, from the talent show, was a winner.

Pamela Camassa is a castaway from the new edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, which started on April 17, led by Ilari Blasi. In Honduras she proves to be a true fighter, facing all odds and getting up in the event of a fall. This is a completely new experience for her, as she has been involved in very different formats on the small screen in the past.

Living away from home and trying to be a competitor on the island gives her the opportunity to think more about herself and above all to look within herself. In the previous episode of the reality show Pamela herself was the hero of a poignant moment. She let herself go, fully revealing herself and speaking to the viewers from the house and the studio audience, turning it over in her hands: “I got to 39 and accomplished nothing. There is no point in repenting and looking back, now I’m looking forward to the future.”.

Pamela had the opportunity to think, she understood that she could not think about what she had not done with her life, but it was time to look into the future, first to the present and then to the future. This is not the only experience as a “competitor”. In the past we’ve seen her on another program in Amici, Where she emerged victorious.

Isola dei Famosi and Pamela Camassa to Amici in 2019: here they are at the talent show

She now takes everything The Island of the Famous gives her, trying to fully experience all moments and thinking of the past as a time too far away to think about. A few years ago, Pamela Camassa was part of another beloved TV show, Celebrity friendsIn 2019, he conducted it Michelle Hunzikerwhere she managed to emerge as the winner.

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Pamela Camassa won Amici in 2019 (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

There she is, during the final episode of the talent showReady to lift cup in a few minutes. In the last stage he defeated Massimiliano Varese. Thus, the actor took second place. It was a real victory for the beautiful show girl who, during the live performances, tried her hand at different styles, whether she was dancing or singing and receiving praise every time for the performances that were given on stage. It’s been a few years since she participated in and watched Amici, and there hasn’t been much change in her appearance.

But it is clear that he shaved his hair. She appears in Honduras upon arrival with short hair. So we saw her with a different story compared to the way she’s shown herself in all these years of television: She’s always sported fairly long hair. Even with this new look, Pamela is pretty, in fact, her facial beauty stands out even more.

Who is Pamela Camassa’s partner: We know him very well

Famous Island puts it to the test but slowly faces all the odds. In the previous episode, Pamela received a video message that gave her great power, He arrived from his partner Filippo Bisiglia. The latter is now a well-known face on television, given that he has been on several shows in recent years. Many will certainly remember him in Big Brother in 2006, where he finished second, while others will have a more recent picture of him, in Tale and What a Show or better on Temptation Island, where he was the bandleader.

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Pamela Camassa, Partner (Credits: Instagram @filippobisciglia)

Pamela and Filippo have been together for 15 years and their love grows more and more intense. In the message sent directly, the presenter told her to keep tabs on her, and to be proud of how she handled the experience: “Bami I miss you so much, I always look up to you. I am really proud of you. Play now as if you are playing the hardest game of paddle board and want to win. I love you”. A very sweet video accompanied by her partner’s words gave her great strength.

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