Revenue Agency, which risks penalties for health costs

Revenue Agency, which risks penalties for health costs

With healthcare costs rising, the Revenue Agency offers the opportunity to recoup some of the money. But beware of violations

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As we note from daily life, the health costs It is among the main priorities of families. The sharp impact on the budget added to the economic pressure caused by the general increase in regular expenditures.

the health obligations In general, the epidemic, as we know, dictated the daily purchase of masksto which must be added the necessary, even daily, recourse Tinge. However, it is not certain that they should only constitute an expense or permanently affect the economy of the house as scars.

Revenue Agency Yes to deductible. Fines for not respecting the rules

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Costs can finally be entered, just like the cost of masks deductible. therevenue agency, making it clear that this is personal protective equipment and therefore legally deductible. To those, they have been added to the list tamponsIt is treated on an equal footing with laboratory tests and regular examinations on a person.

Therefore, the Invoices issued by doctorsTherefore, taxpayers are invited to pay attention to the fact that the latter, as professionals with a tax system that is not subject to VAT, are obliged to apply it, if Interest exceeded 77.47 eurosAnd Revenue stamp of €2. Revenue stamp duty is supportsAnd therefore fall on Bothwhether with regard to who issues the invoice or to the customer who receives it.

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Thus, health and medical expenses can be deducted from Personal income tax returnonly if it is in the limits 19%Based onSurplus amount 129.11 euros and with regular documents (Invoices, receipts, tax receipts). These specialist expenses are considered, for example, incurred by those who subject their children to speech therapy visits for an extended period. But it is clear that these must result from regular documentation.

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the checkups The Revenue Agency checks for any wrongdoing and penalizes the forgetfulness of a doctor or someone who accidentally offloads these medical expenses by omitting the revenue stamp. don’t crash Penaltiesthe taxpayer 15 days from time to Submit in person gluing. The amount of revenue stamp will be added to the paid medical fee that the patient can deduct, even if it is affixed by the doctor but reimbursed by the former.

For the freelancer Deleted paste consists of an administrative penalty for each irregular invoice and will be equivalent to Five times the unpaid tax That the revenue agency, in fact, would eventually be able to find out in a check for discounted medical expenses.

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