What are the risks of Milan, Inter and Napoli? Guide- Corriere.it

What are the risks of Milan, Inter and Napoli?  Guide- Corriere.it
From Salvatore Reggio

On the 12th in Nyon, the draw for the round of 16 of the Champions League: the possible rivals for the top-seeded Napoli, Milan and Inter. They are all in search of a Real Madrid champion

there Champions League come back alive. Now you can’t go wrong. searching for Grand Final on June 10, 2023 (at Ataturk in Istanbul) and all Real Madrid from European champion Carlo Ancelotti. all tuned to Draw di Nyon, scheduled for today Monday 7 November, at 12 (later the European League and Conferences will be held): live on Sky Sport 24 and channel 20 from Mediaset and broadcast on Now TV.

Qualified teams

There are 16 teams at the starting line for the second round. Who won their group? workbook They are Bayern Munich, Benfica, Chelsea, Manchester City, Napoli, Porto, Real Madrid and Tottenham.
the other eight They are: Borussia Dortmund, Brugge, Eintracht Frankfurt, Inter, Leipzig, Liverpool, Milan and Paris Saint-Germain.
Thus, countries are represented: Germany and England 4 teams; Italy 3; Portugal 2; Belgium, France and Spain 1.

How does drawing work?

There are several restrictions in the draw for the Round of 16: no team can play with a team that has previously played in the group stage or from the same country. UEFA always states that any further restrictions will be announced prior to the draw. The ranked players play away from home in the first leg and at home in the second leg. Moreover, as in the previous season, The extraterrestrial double target rule no longer applies.

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Going to the round of 16 is scheduled Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15, Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 February 2023 (Two interviews per day). scheduled to return from Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8, Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 March 2023 (Two interviews per day). All matches start at 9pm.

Quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals: the road to Istanbul

This is the complete calendar from the quarter-finals onwards: the draw for the quarter-finals and semi-finals on March 17, 2023; Quarter-finals: first leg matches 11/12 April 2023, second leg 18/19 April 2023; Semi-finals: first leg 9/10 May 2023, second leg 16/17 May 2023; Final: Saturday 10 June 2023.

The dangers of Milan, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich

Milan are second in their group behind Chelsea, and risk hitting teams like Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Real Madrid. On the other hand, the matches with Antonio Conte were with Tottenham and with Benfica, the star of Juventus. The devil will avoid Napoli (teams from the same country do not play each other in the second round) and Chelsea, who already have a group challenge.

Inter, Manchester City and Chelsea are in danger

Instead, Inter has the same risks as the Rossoneri. With one major difference. He will not be able to equalize with Bayern Munich, having already faced them in the group stage (with two wins out of two from the Bavarians), but he will be able to enter the field against Chelsea.

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