If you use bluetooth, beware of these 4 dangerous apps

If you use bluetooth, beware of these 4 dangerous apps

The Bluetooth It is now the standard connection for connecting smartphones with various accessories, first of all Wireless headphones. That is why many users install applications to make it more convenient to manage connected devices, to configure the connection or to get other additional functions that are not available in the standard Android system. However, some of these applications dangerous: Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes found 4, all from the same developer and all, inexplicably, It has not been removed from the Play Store Google reports though.

Dangerous Bluetooth apps: what are they

All dangerous apps detected by Malwarebytes are developed by Mobile application group And there are 4:

  • Automatic bluetooth connection
  • Driver: Bluetooth, WiFi, USB
  • Bluetooth App Sender
  • Mobile Transfer: Smart Key

Since it’s easy to guess from the names, they are all Bluetooth connection management app. The first of the four have already reached and surpassed 1 million downloads while the others, together, have reached around 100,000 installs.

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These numbers refer to downloads from the Google Play Store only, but all of these apps are also available on Alternative Stores So the total downloads are much more.

Why are these apps dangerous

As discovered and transmitted by Malwarebytes, the four apps involved are all a lot dangerous. But the user who downloaded it doesn’t know right away: Applications are waiting for two days Before they reveal their true nature, it first appears that they are completely legitimate apps.

However, after this time frame, they started to act like they were real Malware: Open websites in the background to click on ads and open other websites in full screen Dangerous phishing sites.

For example, they open fake adult websites, with pages that tell users that their phones are infected and invite them to click to make a file Elusive update that solves the problem.

Infected Bluetooth apps: How to protect yourself

usually Google is removing infected apps from the Play Store after reports from cyber security companies and this is enough to disable apps even from smartphones they have been installed on.

this timeHowever, this is not the case: the applications are still published, and therefore, it is up to the user to uninstall them if they have downloaded them in the past. Our advice is to check the list of installed apps for these 4 dangerous apps: If you find them Delete it immediately And download a good picture Antivirus for Android.

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