Juventus, CM Report Cards: McKennie is there, Kulusevski is the wingman, De Sciglio and Alex Sandro ruin it all | first page

Inter Juventus 2-1


Perrin 6.5:

In the first half, Inter arrive from all sides, always remain on the goal line but are not called up for special interventions. Excellent on Dumfries’ header in the 14th minute of the second half.
De Sciglio 5: Is this a goal against Roma or an unfortunate penalty miss?
Rujani 6Confused and hesitant at first, the role of the surrogate may not be sustained in the long term. But when Juve become organised, they can do their thing. On his last breath, Alex Sandro stunned him.
Chiellini 6.5: Soul, right, only he has. Fighting alone against all, and the miracle of Alex Sandro’s mistake, failed.
Alex Sandro 4: Cumbersome and imprecise, one of the mysteries of these years is performance throwback. What he does at the end of the game is incomprehensible.
Locatelli 6: Inter in Juve’s weakness, try to liquidate as much as possible (1 point Bentancourt 6: He has half an hour of mezala he spends without shame and without praise)
Rabio 6: Warriors are needed, he always seems to be wearing slippers. But it is clear that he will follow through on the task entrusted to him by Allegri to the letter if he stays on the field until the end.
Bernardeschi 6: I stay at ease in Rome like Rabiot, it takes a while to get into the game but anyway it doesn’t affect even when it is possible (34′ st Arthur 6: Now Allegri takes it into account at least, is it too late to think about imposing Arsenal?).
Kulusevsky 6: Dybala preferred to stick with Brozovic, it is not that the role of the front-line midfielder can allow him to glorify himself (29′ st Dybala 5.5: Who knows if he will eventually tire of the measure like any other player, on the pitch and in Arrivabene’s comments. However, he was crowned as the man at the heart of the project: he stayed out of Napoli only in light of the double challenge of Roma and Milan and then went on to the Super Cup for 74 minutes. But it doesn’t look right.)
McKinney 7: In the right place at the right time, Juve’s problems have to be looked for elsewhere.
Murata 6: in the penalty area is almost never seen, when he expands but he knows how to be noticed and still half of McKinney’s goal is (42′ st Ken 5: Come and give everything. It probably does, but it’s still very little.) everyone. Allegri 5.5: After 1-1 in the tournament, he was probably the only one satisfied, repeating the same scenario with a more contingency team. Speculating on the Nerazzurri match and risking going up at the start, he takes the lead and returns the ball to Inter. But if the goal was to resist for a quarter of an hour from the end to change the text, then the goal was achieved. Alex Sandro’s mistake surely wouldn’t have foreseen. He paraphrases his words on the eve of the match, so he can win a game or two, but Juventus should be something else even with these players.

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