What Medell screamed at the referee, the controversy erupted

What Medell screamed at the referee, the controversy erupted

Perhaps this was the decisive episode of Juventus Bologna: the penalty kick that Sacchi did not award to Juventus due to Sommaro’s wrong intervention in morata In any case he directed the match, because right after that there were two expulsions that reduced Emilian’s team to nine who had suffered in the final from the same goal by Vlahovic when they were already flirting with the dream of success in Turin. It’s all about what happened in the 80th minute, as Rossoblo lead 1-0.

Saki denies penalty kick to Juventus twice

Here’s the procedure: Murata’s full speed launch toward Skorupski is pushed first, then a foul with a hard intervention and from behind Sumoro which takes the shape of the box. Sacchi let her pass and Cuadrado hit the crossbar with an empty net. Once the procedure is over, Guida al VAR calls the Marches match manager to the field review, but despite the photos that the foul has taken place in the area, the referee awards the penalty from the edge (the first foul is punished by Soumaoro) and sends the Bologna center off for a foul. Interrupted clear scoring opportunity.

Medell loses his head after red to his partner

At this point, when Medel sees the red card drawn on his partner (and probably thought the punishment would be decided as well), he loses his head and starts yelling hard at him bags who at first tried to calm his anger by explaining to him that the maximum penalty would not be given to the Bianconeri (“it’s not a penalty” the referee repeats several times) then warned him, after clearly being sent to that country, that he couldn’t do by waving a second yellow and then a red card .

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Medel accuses referee of bad faith

The referee’s decision infuriated the Chilean player even more, as he first put his hands on the referee and then left, and was grabbed hard by his teammates twice, ironically. applauded The referee and then passed on to the fourth official accused the entire referee team of favoring the Bianconeri and of bad faith. “Por la Juventus, por la Juventus” (“You are Juventus”) are actually the Spanish words Medel addressed to the match official, showing his shirt. A lip that leaves no room for doubt about the accusations made by the Bologna defender against the match director and his assistants. Words that can now cost him dearly. 2-4 days of disqualification, which also means skipping the recovery against Inter, his former team.

Di Canio condemns Medel’s gesture

On Sky Paolo Di Canio does not justify the player: “After the tensions, the referee also made it clear to him that it was not a penalty. And he sent it blatantly To that country, but keep calm. He obviously told him it wasn’t a penalty, he was sent off after a great match.”

As for Di Liu, there was no wrongdoing by Medel of the verdict

Mihajlovic’s deputy, Emilio de Leo explained: “I think it was a strong adrenaline phase, Gary swore he didn’t misjudge. He had a strong reaction but from a gestural point of view, there were no misplaced words. In my opinion could Postpone At that moment relieve stress. In the content I don’t know what exactly Medel said, what I do know is that he did not respect the verdict. Sorry for that.”

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Red in Medel stirs controversy on social media

flick Interactions On social media: “Medel was looking for a way to get two days off disqualification Without arousing suspicion and skipping Inter” or: “In Medell there will be at least 4 rounds for what he did and for the words he said as he left” And again: “It was the tenth time he said ‘It’s not a penalty’ and this is the tenth time that Medell sent him to That country… what should he have done?” And finally: “Question: Why was Medel immediately booked, while the five Juventus players who surround the referee immediately after the match are not? Violence is the same.”


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