Live broadcast Sampdoria – Fiorentina: 2-0 Serie A 2021/2022. live the match

  • Where to play the game:

    Venue: Luigi Ferraris
    City: Genoa
    Capacity: 36,685 spectators16:37

    Luigi Ferraris
  • At Luigi Ferraris, everything is ready for Sampdoria – Fiorentina, a match valid for the 37th match of the Italian Serie A.16:37

  • Sampdoria, thanks to the results gained over the weekend, is mathematically safe and will play in Serie A next year as well.16:47

  • Fiorentina, after beating its guest, Roma, is invited to win the three points to continue the quest for the European League.16:48

  • Sampdoria (4-5-1) official training: Odero – Berezinsky, Ferrari, Cole, Ogello – Candreva, Rincon, Vieira, Thorsby, Sabri – Quagliarella. Available: Rafalea, Falcon, Ekdal, Caputo, Askelden, Giovinco, Yoshida, Magnani, Moro, Damsgaard, Soma, Tremboli. Sponsor Marco Giampaolo.17:36

  • Fiorentina (4-3-3) Official Line: Terracciano – Venuti, Milinkovic, Igor, Biraghi – Bonaventura, Torreira, Duncan – Iconi, Cabral, Gonzalez. Available: Rosati, Dragowski, Martinez Quarta, Callejon, Saponara, Malh, Terzic, Piatek, Odriozola, Nastasic, Munteanu, Kokorin. everyone.17:40

  • Sampdoria, along with Spezia, are one of the two teams that have not tied in a home game in the First Division in 2022 (three wins and five defeats for Sampdoria).16:38

  • Fiorentina have won three of their last five Serie A matches against Sampdoria (2P), the same number of successes they have had in the previous 12 games against Sampdoria.16:37

  • Marco Giampaolo relies on Quagliarella in attack and re-suggests Candreva and Saberi from the first minute. Sensei and Gabbiadini absent, Caputo loses the ballot with Quagliarella and sits on the bench.17:39

  • Vincenzo Italiano must dispense with the suspended Amrabet and the injured Castrovilli. Viola’s coach lines up a trident with Ikone, Cabral and Gonzalez. On the bench, go to Piatek, Saponara and Callejon.17:40

  • Maurizio Mariani runs the meeting with the help of Daniele Bendoni and Alessio Tolvo. Fourth official is David Milley. The Var couple consists of Paolo Mazzoleni and Daniele Paterna.16:42

  • 1 ‘

    Let’s go! The first half starts from Sampdoria – Fiorentina: the first ball is between the feet of the home team.18:32

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  • 2′

    Biraghi transfers the ball to Candreva and gets a throw-in.18:33

  • 3′

    Sabri pressure wins and puts Igor in trouble.18:34

  • 4′

    Sampdoria chance! Saberi hunts Augello who, alone in front of Terracciano, is blatantly wrong! Then the Sampdoria Pavilion intrusion was reported.18:35

  • 5′

    Candreva shoots on goal from a good position, but is too narrow to shoot.18:36

  • 6′

    He does not control Gonzalez, who loses the ball and prefers the work of the hosts.18:37

  • 7′

    Quagliarella’s first conclusion also: start to awaken Sampdoria.18:38

  • 8′

    Sabiri managed to get the best pressure from Bonaventura and hit a valuable corner kick.18:38

  • 9′

    Duncan catches the volley and starts the cross: the ball is straight into Odero’s confident arms.18:40

  • 10′

    Sabiri drinks Torreira, who in response makes a glaring mistake.18:41

  • 11′

    Odero and Cole calmly dribble and we manage to beat the first purple pressure.18:41

  • 12′

    Sampdoria chance! Berezinsky’s cross deflected by Duncan, who is two centimeters away from an amazing goal in his own net!18:42

  • 13′

    Torreira opens up very well for Gonzalez, who is trying to shoot from a tight angle and takes a corner kick.18:43

  • 14′

    Mariani stops the game to check on Vieira’s condition: the medical staff enters the field.18:44

  • 14′

    Warning Torreira, author of another mistake against wild sabri.18:46

  • 15th ‘

    Duncan tries to put in the cross, but Dorian’s defensive shell works perfectly.18:48

  • 15th ‘

    warned Gonzalez, who stepped in with his leg high on Candreva.18:47

  • 16′

    Goal! Sampdoria – Fiorentina 1-0! Alex Ferrari’s goal, who hits the perfect free kick from Candreva with his chest and takes the advantage at home!

    Look at the player profile of Alex Ferrari18:49

    Alex Ferrari
  • 18 ‘

    Fiorentina has a very difficult start at the beginning of the match: Candreva returns another throw-in.18:50

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  • 18 ‘

    Vieira warned of a late intervention against Gonzalez.18:50

  • 20′

    Gonzalez gets up with difficulty, but Viola is on the cusp of a very fun free kick.18:51

  • 21′

    Duncan puts on the cross, but the ball is too long for everyone.18:52

  • 22 ‘

    Igor and Torreira are led by Vincenzo Italiano, who needs to respond immediately.18:53

  • 23 ‘

    Biraghi changes the game in favor of IkonĂ©, whose control isn’t exact: the purple action fades.18:53

  • 24′

    Venotti is hit hard, and for Mariani there is the maximum kick in the free kick.18:54

  • 25′

    Terracciano shakes off Quagliarella’s late pressure and throws a long throw toward his attackers.18:55

  • 26′

    Cabral goes to get the ball back and gives it to Torreira, and Rincon’s divine slip stops him.18:56

  • 27′

    Quagliarella tries to surprise Terracciano with a header, but Duncan cashes the ball and avoids any headache with his number 1.18:57

  • 28 ‘

    Florentine opportunity! Milinkovic throws a corner kick that Biraghi beats: Too low on the crossbar!18:58

  • 29′

    Sampdoria chance! Candreva prefers the rebound and kicks with a sure shot: Terracciano turns it down hard!18:59

  • 30′

    Rincon uses his wits to get the hard ball back and also suffers from a Bonaventura foul.19:02

  • 30′

    Goal! Sampdoria – Fiorentina 2-0! A grille designed by Fabio Quagliarella, which, illuminated by the impressive in-depth help of Sabiri, beats the Terracciano with a surgical drill.

    Look at the player profile of Fabio Quagliarella19:03

    Fabio Quagliarella
  • 32 ‘

    Al-Subairi enthusiastically flies and takes another free kick.19:04

  • 33 ‘

    Gonzalez is looking for Cabral in the penalty area but his passes end right at the bottom.19:04

  • 34 ‘

    Candreva is looking for Rincon who took the right and no longer finds the ball: thanks to the intervention of Venotti.19:06

  • 35 ‘

    Candreva annoys Biraghi, according to Mariani with a fault.19:06

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  • 36′

    Florentine opportunity! Gonzalez speeds up and puts in a ball that was only supposed to be pushed: Bonaventure eats a goal he’s already scored!19:07

  • 37 ‘

    Vieira fights and shoots a free kick: Sampdoria’s superb on this first break.19:08

  • 38 ‘

    Follow Gonzalez Bereszynski and become the protagonist of excellent coverage.19:09

  • 39 ‘

    Saberi ends up in traffic: for Mariani it’s just a goal kick for Viola.19:10

  • 40′

    Bonaventure checks in against Augello, but his position was not uniform.19:11

  • 41 ‘

    Ikone rises under pressure and forces Augello to return to Odero.19:12

  • 42 ‘

    Cabral is emptying for Torreira, who is struggling to hone the match today as he has always done this year.19:12

  • 43 ‘

    Igor keeps rolling the Fiorentina ball, but everything is always futile.19:13

  • 44 ‘

    Quagliarella takes the ball away from Bonaventura and, with appropriate calm, recycles Dorian’s possession.19:14

  • 45′

    Two minutes of recovery has been reported.19:16

  • 45′ + 1′

    Cabral tries the trick but Cole doesn’t take the bait: There was also an offside.19:17

  • 45′ + 2′

    The end of the first half: Sampdoria – Fiorentina 2-0. The first break is determined by the goals of Ferrari and Quagliarella.19:20

  • A one-way race so far, at least from a game quality standpoint. Sampdoria rushes in when needed and manages to create various dangers to defend Viola, while Audero is never called to intervene. Tensions have gripped Fiorentina so far in a key match to seize a place in Europe.19:22

  • In the second part, another Fiorentina will be needed, as it could be one key point in the race for the European Cups. On the other hand, Sampdoria will have to continue like this if they are to delight their fans, at the end of a season where there is nothing but excitement.19:24

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