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from Luca Valdesiri

The Portuguese coach delivers on his promise and gives the 18-year-old protagonist from Genoa Roma the requested €800 in Balenciaga. However, in the video posted on social media, the verdict of an unframed person can be clearly heard: “There are bananas inside, you know?”. disdain on the web

Nice story, Video to immortalize it, a very unfortunate joke for those who were once called “the locker room” but today they don’t even have citizenship there. Balenciaga shoes from 800 euros model Speed ​​and “limited edition”The two-player prize for Sunday night was won by 18-year-old Felix of Ghana in Genoa-Roma 0-2. Jose Mourinho, who had promised them to the now-promoted Primavera kid, paid them and handed them over. This isn’t the first time Special One has made similar gestures: Inter gave an extra week of holiday at Christmas to Maicon as he scored the two goals to defeat Siena, at Spurs bought Jamon Iberi entirely from Reguilon because he lost a bet.

The two-minute shots of the shoes were posted on various sites, including Felix’s Instagram account. In the background, as he opens the package (“Christmas has come early”), comes the offensive sentence: “There are bananas in it, Felix, you know?”. Felix does not notice, his Italian is not the best, he said in an interview that his teammates who are often fluent in English make sure that he fully understands the coach’s instructions. At the end, put on your shoes, they ask him to dance, like the jubilation he gave to my anchors at the end of the race. Felix, embarrassed, takes two steps, then smiles.

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Pictures spread across the web, even many Roma fans were struck by the scandal. Especially since the Giallorossi club is always at the forefront in the fight against all kinds of discrimination. In the upcoming Conference League game Thursday night, 50% of the day’s proceeds will be donated to Against Violence Against Women. Felix returned the video to his profile, but this time.

We can only talk about two great goals. Or the fact that it’s as if Rome bought A new striker has not been paid and won 70 thousand euros. We can talk about football. But there is still a long way to go to bring Italy into line with international standards of justice. Then for this – and for this only – this slip is welcome, if it raises the level of attention.

Felix tried to downplay it, but the intense embarrassment remained. “I heard a lot of indignant comments about the back sentence, for me there was no racist intent. We are inside the team like family and sometimes we joke. They say it because they see I like bananas a lot, and it became a joke, I think this comment was just an example of how we joked I feel at home in Rome from the first moment I arrive in. I don’t like people getting the wrong idea of ​​Trigoria.

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