We will agonize over a nuclear war for years. Just lied about American positions!

We will agonize over a nuclear war for years.  Just lied about American positions!

Statements made by Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba to some real journalists (not caricatures like Bruno Vespa) shed a truly disturbing light on future developments of the ongoing war. In essence Kuleba reiterated that the war would go on for years and that Their goal is to win to defeat what he saw as a threat to Europe as a whole. On the contrary, it will be necessary to get rid of both Putin and Russia once and for all.

It is clear to everyone how such an approach Make any negotiations impossible Moreover, it is likely that the Ukrainian command group, and perhaps also NATO as a whole, will toy with the completely impractical idea of ​​breaking through the Russian defensive lines that would allow the recovery of separatist territories in Crimea and Donbass. Again according to Kuleba, this victory on the ground should precede Ukraine’s full accession to NATO, even if it is very likely that concrete steps will be taken in this direction at the upcoming summit in Vilnius, which in any case will witness the formalization of the relationship between NATO and Ukraine. It is also possible that, in the face of the stalemate of the situation on the ground, the question to deploy military units Coming if not from everyone at least from some NATO countries (The Baltics and Poland above all).

So we will find ourselves increasingly in the balance About global nuclear war for an indefinite period of time which, at best, should end with the US presidential elections scheduled for the fall of 2024. The economic costs of the war will continue to grow, affecting and exacerbating the entire world, as in the case of the European Union, through policies of lifting Interest rates and the constant refusal to take into account the needs of the working classes, increasingly condemned To a life of poverty, suffering and instability.

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In the face of the massive and growing human and economic burden of war, the absolutist persists passivity of the European ruling classesLie down on the ability to positions Bidenwho does not want peace because he is aware of the fact that the current war is extremely beneficial for the United States, for the military-industrial complex but also for multinational energy companies and NATO.

Georgia Meloni She is the most relaxed of all, not only because the lobbies and arms of her government dictate the law, but also because of a certain affinity between our right and those Atlanteans who rule Kiev and Warsaw. As the good historian Alessandro Barbero wrote, and before him, ignorance is an erasure of historical memory. Preparing the land for new warsNew horrors, new outbreaks. After all, in Poland, the new European spearhead of the authoritarian and warmongering right, Some historians have been convicted by a criminal court To challenge the official truth about the Cathin massacre.

So there are at least three wars that Meloni & Co. is fighting. The first is that against RussiaBut also against all those who question the international order based on the hegemony of the West, which is going through an irreversible crisis. The second is against the poor and the workers Who are the indirect victims of the first war? And the third is that against cultureInformation (see also The Endless Persecution Against Julian Assange), Critical Spirit and Truth.

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The total war that is being prepared needs not only weapons (Crosito will take care of it) but of illiterate citizens, from young people who have been drugged and transformed into the role of sad dolls living somewhat sad lives. If we want to ensure a future for the human race, we must stop these governments while there is still time.

In Italy everything seems to be silent and we seem to be walking in resignation towards extinction. But it was in France, historically the political heart of Europe, that the potential welder between rebellions suburbs, pensions, those of the yellow vests and farmers, he could finally put an end to the hateful Macron regime. And above all in the rest of the world, from China to Latin America, from Rojava that resists Palestine in the war against Zionist colonialism, to Western Sahara, the emergence of a new multipolar order Concerning the rights of peoples and the equality of sovereignty between states. Let’s not be unprepared.

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