Strong drop in temperature

Strong drop in temperature

Weather forecast for today, Tuesday, April 16 The beginning of a strong rise in temperatures And back The weather is uncertain. More atmosphere amazingMaximum temperatures range between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius. Most weather stations will remain in place at midday Below the 20 degree Celsius mark.

  • 6:00 AM: A slightly cooler morning with very scattered drops possible
  • 9 AM: Completely cloudy skies, not ruling out the need to open an umbrella
  • 12 noon: Low clouds are more broken
  • 3 pm: Opening of the clearinghouse and cooler
  • 6 pm: Clouds increasing
  • 9 pm: Unstable and cold weather returns

Mercury retrograde: a sudden return of coolness

Tuesday will wake up with one Cooler atmosphereBut above all we will notice the sharp drop in the thermometer towards noon. We don't expect to reach 20 degrees Celsius anywhere in the city, at most we will be closer to 17 and 19 degrees Celsius. more clouds It will also enhance the feeling of freshness.

So let's wait for one A drop in maximum temperatures of more than 10 degrees Respect Sunday but what we also expect is some coming back distilled, already in the morning and Tuesday morning, are quite common anywhere in the metropolitan area. At most, expect a few tenths of a litre.

Back with opening ClearingBut in the afternoon and evening it will increase again Instability.

station Highest levels on Sunday (°C) Highest levels on Monday (°C) Highest levels expected for Tuesday (°C)
factory 29,4 25,1 17
he Rafale 28,3 22,8 19
harbor 26,3 22,3 16
A comparison between the maximum temperatures recorded on Sunday and Monday and the forecast for Tuesday, April 16, 2024

More volatile weather with clouds and some rain

If we look at the weather in the rest of the country, we expect this to happen Tuesday of contradictionsWe can say that we will have two different types of weather depending on where we are.

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In both the Tarragona and Lleida regions, sunny, calm and calm skies will dominate, while in the Girona and Barcelona sectors the skies will dominate. Skies more variable and partly cloudy.

In fact, during the morning and Tuesday morning, we shouldn't be surprised if some escaped distilled Or some Scattered drizzle On the central and pre-coastal coasts. near noon, Instability It will pick up in the south of the Girona provinces with some rain possible between Girones and Baix Empordà. And in the evening it will increase again Possibility of showering Between Algarraf and Garotxa.

In addition, it will also be necessary to take into account that with entry The wind is north It will enhance Tramontana And the witty On both sides of the country. Strong winds of over 70 and 80 km/h, especially in the second part of the day, in Lanka, in Port de la Selva, in Cadaqués, in Roses, in Gariguila, in Espola, Figueres and towards La Junquera.

Sometimes some points along the sea may rub and Exceeding 100 km/hespecially in North of Cap de CroceWith marshmallow

Wind wittyi.e. the northwest component, could also leave wind blowing More than 80 and 90 km/h, early in the morning, in the Natural Harbors Park, in Pratdeep, in Lamitla de Mar, in Mont-Roig del Camp and other points farther south.

In general, wherever we are, we will live this Tuesday as one Fresh spring returns. Within 48 hours we will have gone from full June or July atmosphere to March atmosphere.

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It is not strange that Primavera Leave this to us Volatility. Popular culture was already telling us that winter wouldn't end until after April.

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