I’m looking for ideas | Opportunities in the US for Italian water management companies

I’m looking for ideas |  Opportunities in the US for Italian water management companies

The water infrastructure They are increasingly strategic for the future.

especially, Water treatment and management They have become a central topic.

The United States Congress recently approved, in a bipartisan manner, a first package of interventions intended for water infrastructure.

The Transportation and Infrastructure Board Committee approved a Invest $50 billion over the next five years for wastewater management, flood control, and water distribution. In the United States, the water distribution network is about 2.2 million miles long.

The quality of water resources in the United States – explain Lucio Mirandapresident ExportUSAa consulting firm that helps Italian and European companies and professionals enter the US market – They are harassed by outdated technologies: from water treatment plants to filters, from valves to pipes, and even water leakage monitoring systems. In particular, Italian and Dutch companies have all the skills to help the United States equip itself with innovative wastewater management systems.“.

in the middle, In the United States, water pipe failures occur every two minutes: daily loss of 22 billion liters, equivalent to 9000 swimming pools.

new energiesa Vicenza-based company specializing in water treatment, also operating in the United States, in the industrial and civil sectors.

Our way in America – he claims Janmaria MasinaniCEO, Nuove Energy – It started in 2007, when we decided to equip ourselves with middlemen to distribute and sell our technology. In 2010, our company invested 400,000 USD to obtain an important certification and legalize its presence in the USA. Then we opened our US branch in 2019. Setting up the company in the US allowed us to hire and train three people and control the distribution and costs of our products. Thanks to the establishment of the American company, the share of business volume related to this geographic region has increased from $1 million in 2019 to $3 million in 2022.“.

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