Tender Parco Agrisolare: Interventions, Incentives and Beneficiaries

Tender Parco Agrisolare: Interventions, Incentives and Beneficiaries
Tender AgriSolar Park
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(Rinnovabili.it) – What’s new in the Official Gazette arrives Decree of the agricultural solar energy complex 2023Ministerial Act that programs the remaining resources allocated by the PNRR toEfficiency and insolation affiliate Agricultural, animal and agricultural industrial buildings. The referee determines the maximum perimeter within which the next referee will move noticeDetermining eligible interventions, the extent of incentives, beneficiaries, and application and allocation procedures.

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Parco Agrisolari 2023 Tender Incentives

One of the innovations envisaged for the new Parco Agrisolare tender concerns the volume of contributions, for which PNRR has allocated €1 million. The text introduces self-consumption restrictions, also in the new “shared” formula, if several farms, created in aggregate form, invest in energy production from photovoltaic power plants. The incentives offered are non-reimbursable contributions on expenses, the intensity of which varies not only according to the intervention but also according to the type of requesting company.

Below is a summary table of assistance published in the Official Gazette.

Interventions eligible for Parco Agrisolare contributions

The main objective of the decree is to build photovoltaic systems, with capacities ranging from 6 kilowatts to 1 megawatt, on the roofs and roofs of buildings that are used in agricultural and animal activities and agricultural industries. Also includes the installation of any storage battery and the cost of connecting to the network. For these interventions, the decree sets a spending limit of 1,500 €/kWh in the case of photovoltaic cells alone, to which is added another 1,000 €/kWh in the case of an energy storage system. The text also readsIf electric recharging devices for sustainable mobility and agricultural machinery are installed, expenses up to a maximum allowable amount of €30,000 may be recognized, in addition to the ceilings indicated.

In addition to PV, a series of redevelopment works can also be envisaged, such as:

  • asbestos removal;
  • Roof thermal insulation
  • Construction of a ventilation system connected to the roof replacement.
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The provision contains a list of beneficiaries who will be able to apply for the Parco Agrisolare tender. These are: agricultural entrepreneurs, individually or corporately; Agro-industry enterprises that possess the ATECO code mentioned in the public notice that the Ministry of Agriculture has not yet issued; Agricultural cooperatives engaged in land cultivation, forestry, animal husbandry and related activities; temporary business associations (ATI), temporary trade associations (RTI), business networks, renewable energy communities Consist of the above topics.

Laws here the decree in its entirety

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