The European Union is a stone guest between the United States and Russia.

The European Union is a stone guest between the United States and Russia.

“Putin will try to get the entire southern part by preventing Ukraine from reaching the sea.” Leonardo TricaricoThe former chief of staff of the Air Force, is convinced that the Kremlin chief wants to “create a territorial continuity” up to and including Transnistria “so that he can negotiate by freezing the results obtained on the ground.”

However, it seems that General Putin has faced various difficulties. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian army?

“The Russian army has not confirmed the assessments of military experts about its overall capabilities. And in the field it has not proven its full value. And it has not deployed its forces at their best, which have proven incomprehensible, wrong and strange, far from a correct doctrine of the military tool. What distinguishes the Russian army is the ruthlessness and savagery and disrespectful to any right, principle, and any convention for the use of force. The Russians have a primitive way of fighting. I never imagined they would reach such a level of brutality.”

Instead, what is the state of health of the Ukrainian army?

“The Ukrainian army began with military capabilities much more relevant than the Russians could imagine. This happened thanks to the exercises carried out by the Americans and the British as a contribution to the achievement of standards that would have allowed Ukraine to enter the Borne region. In this context, the Ukrainian army, which was placed in the hands of experts, has achieved The Americans, a huge leap in quality even if not at the level of the Western army. On the other hand, the Ukrainian special forces are already on an equal footing with the Westerners.. and we must add to this the military assistance that Kyiv receives. ”

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Will the war really end on May 9?

“I think May 9, which we hear a lot about, stems from the comment of a soldier who hoped the festivities on that day would mark the end of the conflict. I’ve never heard a deadline for operations in Ukraine. I don’t know when the war will end, but surely there are those who don’t. He wants to end it. There is a stone guest, Europe, who is in the middle between the two contenders, Russia and the United States, and that he must act as mediator in favor of negotiating agreements.”

But is it possible to reach an agreement without first agreeing to the armistice?

“That, in theory, is true. First you stop shooting and then you sit around a table, but with this war all standards have been crossed. We saw the Russian ambassador who denounced an Italian journalist. We studied the negotiating agreements herself. – administered by unexpected subjects, Without any mandate and in non-neutral territory. In short, we’re seeing a little bit of everything.”

What could be the solution?

“You see, the fact that Ukraine does not want to give more autonomy to the Donbass regions makes me think that it does not really want to negotiate. I think it is reasonable that a part of Ukraine should be organized under a special law because I think that the territorial integrity of that country can be fully preserved means blow up the table.”

The celebration of the 25th of April brings with it a question: Is the comparison between the Ukrainian resistance and the Italian resistance incorrect?

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“I would like to cancel the April 25 holiday. Since it is now established that Italy and its freedom were born of resistance, but since I remember this anniversary, it is systematically an element of the division of the country and, therefore, it is better to abolish it. Having said that, I do not want to delve into The merits of the question because I will contribute to a perpetual, regular and systematic feud on April 25. Even Anpi, which is not led by any party, gives the idea that he wants to exploit this party for reasons of low politics and I am, frankly, a little bored.”

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