“There is no country that helps Russia or harsh sanctions.”

“There is no country that helps Russia or harsh sanctions.”

Kiev: Russia has doubled the number of ships deployed in the Black Sea

Yesterday, the Ukrainian military said that Russia had doubled the number of ships actively deployed in the Black Sea and expected this to be preparation for more missile attacks. The Guardian reported that. “In the Black Sea, the fleet of warships has doubled since Thursday: there are now eight ships,” the military command in the southern region said in an update on Facebook. “This may indicate that missile attacks and strikes are being prepared with drones. He said. One of the ships, the Southern Military Command said, was a frigate armed with eight Kalibr missiles.

Giorgetti: “No steps back from condemning Russia”

“We cannot question what was decided in Bali and any other solution would be an unacceptable setback,” he added. So was Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti before starting work on the final day of the G-20, marked by divisions over Russia’s condemnation of the war in Ukraine.

Medvedev: “Only the West prolongs Ukraine’s suffering”

«Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said in an article published in the National Defense magazine, quoted by the RIA Novosti agency on the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, that the West is prolonging Ukraine’s suffering in the hope of weakening Russia and then eliminating it. “The West is artificially prolonging the torment of Ukraine in the hope that in this way it will wear out Russia.” According to Medvedev, the United States has spent $50 billion on military aid to Ukraine. “The Russian defense industry is functioning, and no arms supplies from the West can give Kiev an advantage,” he added.

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British intelligence: Russia has exhausted its stock of Iranian drones

Russia has depleted its stocks of Iranian drones and is looking for new supplies, Britain’s Ministry of Defense notes in its regular daily update on the situation in Ukraine. Since the 15th, there have been no reports of drone strikes.

Kuleba: I do not agree with Beijing’s plan to end sanctions

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmitry Kuleba, believes that in the position paper on the war in Ukraine presented by China, “there are various elements that we agree on, but at least one element that we do not agree on, and that is the call for an end to «unilateral sanctions». Kuleba, citing some media, including Ukraine’s Pravda – that sanctions are an important tool. But in general, “this (Chinese) document is important. We study it and we have to do it from beginning to end and then draw our conclusions.” “We have to say this clearly: 141 countries voted on a resolution that sets out the basic principles and elements of how to end this war. And the head of Kiev diplomacy stressed that everything that is proposed outside this decision must comply with the decision itself.

American Institute for the Study of War: Moscow’s Silence on Anniversary Ominous

There was no comment from Moscow marking yesterday’s anniversary of “Special Operation,” as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is called, and no celebration: a fact, according to the US think tank Institute for the Study of War. (ISW), betrays the conscience that Russia’s war aims have failed. Isw’s comment was quoted by various media. According to ISW experts, in fact, Russia has “failed to achieve any of the stated goals and has failed to gain sufficient ground since July 2022”.

Kiev: Wounded in a Russian night attack in Donetsk

The Kyiv Independent reported, citing Governor Pavlo Kirilenko, that nighttime attacks by the Russians on the Ukrainian-controlled part of Donetsk left at least five wounded. The governor of the region where the fiercest fighting took place said that two were wounded in Chasiv Yar, two in Bakhmut, one in Donetsk and one in Kostyantinivka. The Russian forces, and in particular the militia of Wagner’s special group, have been trying to occupy it completely and have been heading towards Bakhmut for weeks and are facing very stubborn resistance.

Meloni: “Putin has failed”

Biden: “In 2024 I will run again”

Joe Biden He reiterated his intention to try to run for a second term in 2024, but also admitted that it was “legitimate” for people to ask questions about his age. From the very beginning, I intended to run for a second term. “There are a lot of things we need to get done in the short term before I start campaigning,” the president said in an interview with ABC News. At 80, Biden is the oldest president in US history. “The only thing I can say to anyone worried about my age is look at me,” she said.

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Ukrainian war. direct. on February 24, 2022 («The longest day of our lives») Chose millions of Ukrainians: not a white flag, but a blue and yellow flag. Don’t run away, stand up and fight. A year after the Russian invasion, President Zelensky described yesterday 12 months of pain and tears, but he is sure that 2023 will be the year of victory. China is working on a peace plan. Overseas, President Biden has said the United States will “respond” if China supplies weapons to Russia.

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