“We pushed him away,” Manskin’s own face snapped out of the band

“We pushed him away,” Manskin’s own face snapped out of the band

A threat A drastic change in the most popular Italian rock band of all time, Maneskin, shocks everyone. An exciting revelation from a member of the group changes the tables on the table.

No one expected such news, and no one thought that much had happened. fans muniskins, Scattered all over the world, really in shock. Here’s what happens.

after winning x factor and then San Remo It has climbed to the world music charts: i Mankskinthe Romanian band, is certainly a source of pride for all of us Italians and best represents our country thanks to their outstanding talent.

After Sanremo, their road to success was downhill: just think they had the opportunity to open a concert by Rolling stonesto be hosted by the show Jimmy Fallon And they brought home The best rock act. Really important recognitions thanks to which the name of Italy is carried all over the world.

Radical decision

The band has been together for 14 years: from Via del Corso in Rome, Victoria, Damien, Ethan and Thomas, has come to perform on the most important stages in the world. Today they are a truly coherent and inseparable image, but they do not hide it at first difficulty There have been many.


It’s easy to think of that in a group of four There is not always harmony: Sometimes, due to different ways of thinking, we argue and conflict. about this, Early news shocked the publicAnd the worried about the band’s future.

It seems that DamienIn fact, It wasn’t always so good with other band members. He is definitely a boy with a particularly strong personality, as evidenced by his manner of singing and his stage presence.

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He’s not an easy person to share such an important commitment with, but he would be the same with anyone. When it comes to passion, everyone wants to do better and sometimes we clash.


Once The situation was very extreme that the other three band members had taken one tough decision: Damiano removed from the group forever.

To reveal that she was Victoria’s guitarist: We were doing metal and Damiano wanted to do more pop. we pushed him away

Fortunately, however, the bad Separation It only lasted a few days: Indeed, Damiano then returned to his colleagues and friends wanting to find a meeting point. The rest is history.

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