Benedetta Rossi lies shamelessly He had to vomit the whole truth: he could no longer lie

Benedetta Rossi lies shamelessly  He had to vomit the whole truth: he could no longer lie
Benedetta Rossi Evod

Benedetta Rossi, the amazing food blogger, lied to us. But now he can no longer do that. The truth has come out.

If we talk about Russian We are undoubtedly referring to a face very beloved by Italians of all ages. She initially announced herself on social media where she remains very active in donating to us very generously Various recipes and tips. And then he started using it too Stay in constant contact with his fans.

However, she doesn’t like to call them that way however Just friends. If you make this decision, it is because in spite of it stunts success What she suddenly reached remained A simple person With your feet planted firmly on the ground. That’s also why she manages it herself with help Husband And his diverse social profiles of trusted friends.

Over time she published it Many successful volumes and became in high demand on television With its formula Finished At home. A few months ago we were able to find it with the same name application It can be downloaded absolutely free on various iOS and Android devices. And last but not least, it also happened He first appeared as a presenter.

His show is definitely right up his alley because it’s all about cooking. Let’s talk about Italian recipes. To record the various episodes he has to leave His wonderful farm In Marche and reach Milan. This seems to make her feel very sad about having to live for several daysI am far from my beloved husband And I love them, furry clouds.

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Benedetta Rossi and her amazing lie

In the first case we are talking about it Marco Gentile With whom love runs smoothly. The two had known each other practically their entire lives before getting engaged and then getting married They were great friends. There are quite a few very flavorful pictures depicting them together during entertaining moments, such as: horseback riding.

The second is Beautiful white dog cHe has already become a star. He stole the hearts of the couple, who also collaborated on a practical level on many projects after that Nuvola’s disappearance. but now Congrats! It’s in Hurricane’s liar Which is exciting. Now I’ve been exposed.

Benedetta Rossi tells the truth
Benedetta Rossi Evod

Watch out for his apron

It’s the phrase that was sewn on His apron. “I don’t know how to cook but I try“, so you can read about it. Obviously it’s about Fake Because she cooks well. This should be seen as another gesture of great humility and humbleness Lively simplicity It is executed by the chef who serves it to her fans Simple but very delicious recipes.

Moreover, they never contain too many ingredients or are too expensive. She is also a fan of the classics Recipes to save dinner and save euros Which is a real lifesaver right now. After all, with the crisisIt is frightening to say the least, as it makes its way across our country and its annexes Price increases Eat well, spend little and Without wasting food It’s definitely the best.

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