The tournaments have paused and the spotlight is on Qatar, where many PSG players are with their national teams. Distant observer of this World Cup, coach Transalpines Christophe Galtier, In the long interview given to Brand He also spoke about Barcelona’s elimination from the Champions League: “Nothing is easy in the Champions League. Moreover, no one in their analysis took into account the difficulty of this season’s match list. It is the first time in football history with such difficult and compact matches, it was There are Champions League matches almost every week, and I think that’s why some of the teams that usually go through the group stage haven’t.

We played in three and a half months what we usually play in four or five months. The omissions that surprised me the most? Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. They always qualify and it was a great surprise. This shows that soccer is not an exact science. And that kind of thing happens for show, for suspense, for audiences.”

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