Laura Pausini’s wishes for Paola Cortellisi are a sincere and powerful tribute to her person, to the film and to all women.

Today is Paola Cortellisi’s birthday It’s probably one of the best I’ve ever celebrated. Because with his first film as a director, “There’s still tomorrow”Paola Cortellisi receives to praise, Confessions And much more, thus consecrating it as one The director who makes history In Italian cinema.

His film has previously been sold in 18 countries, surpassing films such as “Avatar 2” and the latest “Hunger Games” films and many others at the box office. Only yesterday it crossed 20 million at the box office, a feat only 7 other Italian directors have succeeded in achieving. today, For his birthdayMany, many people do that Greetings Among them, this person stands out To my friend Laura Pausini.

Laura Pausini birthday wishes to Paola Cortellisi

With carousel on Instagram, Laura Pausini sends her best wishes to Paola CortellisiHe posted a series of photos, videos, and a personal and sincere dedication:

“Today is Paola Cortellesi’s birthday and I think it is time to celebrate her this year for many reasons, one of which is her talent and ability to make us feel emotions whether of joy or deep contemplation.” writes the artist, who then talks about her film. “This year Paola wrote, directed and starred in ‘C’è ancora Tomorrow’, a film about domestic violence and women’s freedom. A film that will be nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, a film that will be useful to the whole world and not just to Italians who are already witnessing the reality of violence on… A daily basis that leaves us speechless. Then the beautiful story of sincere friendship: “Heart, I call her that because she has a big heart, kindness, kindness and teaching from other times… It seems strange to me not to be with you physically at this important moment of your life, but I want to wish a happy birthday in front of everyone and show you once again what I was able to do.” Do it with your art and beautiful soul. I love you. Lao (your heart).” Finally, he concludes with a note: “In the video with Claudio Santamaria, you will see a small part of the monologue he did with Paola in “Laura e Paola”. Find it in full, you will not regret it.”

“My heart,” comments Paola CortellisiDefinitely happy with these words. Like her, my colleague Giorgia also left two hearts and many, many other comments praising the director.

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picture: Instagram.

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