Present Carlo Conti, Marco Masini, Leonardo Peraccione

Many historical friends, many Fiorentina fans and mayors of Prato and Florence. The funeral of the actor and director Francesco Notti, who died at the age of 68 on June 12, is taking place in Florence, in the Basilica of San Miniato Monti. Father Bernardo Gianni celebrated them.

a lot Passion and lots of hugs To his former partner Annamaria Malipero, his daughter Ginevra, his brother Giovanni and his niece Margherita.

Historical friends

In the basilica, on the hill overlooking Florence, are historical friends such as Carlo Conti, Leonardo Peraccioni, Sandro and Giovanni Veronese, Giorgio Panariello, Marco Masini, Gianfranco Monti, Valeria Solarino and Nicola Pecci. Also present were Matteo Bivoni, mayor of Prato, and Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence, where he was born.

Fiorentina fans

Several Fiorentina fans, a team of which the actor and director was a fan, also gave their final farewells: a Fiesole curve sash was placed next to the coffin, beside a hat.

Jennifer’s daughter greeted and thanked the people who had arrived to say goodbye to her father at last.


during the sermon Father Bernardo, Abbot of the Basilica of San MiniatoHe also quoted phrases from the actor and director’s films, including Madonna’s What a Silence Tonight “Either you win the totocalcio, or you move the church, or you go to Peru”. But Father Bernardo added, “Today the bells are dancing and there is no need to make any effort.” He also repeated Sarah’s words to Per Ti, the aria that Noti performed in Sanremo in 1988. «It is very important that we live this liturgy and not as a funeral. It is a gesture of mystery and it is important to close your eyes, Unleash the imagination of our heartsI – said the head of the monastery -. I’ve been watching YouTube for 12 hours to say something decent. Ginevra and Anamaria know I have no experience in cinematography to do justice to his artistry. I speak from the heart in my hands. Francesco’s journey is completely clear and transparent, without any ambiguity.”
Father Bernardo, remembering Notti’s relationship with Prato and Florence, recounted that he found himself in Prato, his city, in the midst of filming. Madonna What a Silence Tonight out of school.

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The family, in recent days, has not made any statements and requested Maximum discretion and respect At this difficult time.

Naughty had been ill for some time and was being treated in a clinic in Rome.

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