Gegia was struck off the register of psychologists in the Bellavia case

Gegia was struck off the register of psychologists in the Bellavia case

Satie wrote, publishing the result of the investigation opened last October immediately after the events, thanks to the reports of the psychologist Alicia Pontecorvo: and by Veronica Satie herself, at Giggia’s expense, in the registry office of Francesca Antonacci. “We did it and we won,” he adds.

Bellavia case

Jijia’s remarks during some episodes of Big Brother VIPs angered many people. The actress had played down Marco Bellafia’s malaise, very hesitant about the possibility of continuing her experience in the home, due to some personal problems related to his mental health and, more precisely, to an anxiety disorder that had accompanied him for some time.

Only in a moment of particular weakness, during his depressive crisis, did Jijia address him badly, calling him “crazy” or “sick” and saying to the other tenants: “Don’t you see that he’s all right? Sick!” Or turning to him: “I don’t care what you had, as a doctor I advise you to shut up.”

During the fourth episode, Bellavia publicly admits that she suffers from depression and immediately leaves the house.
Even after his release, Gegia spared herself by saying, “We had to keep listening to the shit he was saying.” Controversy immediately exploded on social media, with followers in effect demanding immediate penalties for other competitors who had mocked him.


Sati also wanted to explain on Instagram the reasons that prompted her, together with Alessia Pontecorvo, to report the behavior adopted by Gegia: “Justice! Thank you Alessia Pontecorvo for choosing me to form a team, to be a team. We decided, after the serious things that happened to gfvip against Marco Bellafia, to do something concrete. Within a few hours of the harassment seen against Bellafia. We address the behavior of Ghiggia (Francesca Antonacci), registered in the order of psychologists Lazio ” .

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And again: “The behaviors to be condemned were different and all serious: they addressed him as crazy, sick and still tormented him, but the thing that left us speechless and infuriated us was the diagnosis made live – Veronica writes again – Francesca Antonaci is the antithesis of those who They study psychology: the psychologist is required to comply with the rules of the European regulation (even if they are not practical) and one of these rules relates to the privacy of diagnoses and sensitive data.”

“So far, after an open investigation, thanks not only to our investigation (Alessia Pontecorvo and I exposed) but also thanks to all your requests for justice, justice has been done: Francesca Antonaci aka Gegia has been struck off the register of the Order of Lazio Psychologists “.

And again: “We have long been committed to validating mental health and I thank all the psychologists who disseminate information on social networks to break the stigma. We want normalization to give people the opportunity to never feel wrong if they are suffering. We invite you to seek help to professionals, and we try to secure this The space we focus the spotlight on: mental health. As the great revolutionary psychologist Marsha Linehan says: Every life is worth living. We did it and we won!”.

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