Waterpolo: Citibelo beat the United States, and it was their first victory in the World League

Waterpolo: Citibelo beat the United States, and it was their first victory in the World League

In Strasbourg, an excellent test for the Vice-Champions of the World in the final match with the United States (13-9). Campaign: “The Right Award for a Large Group”

Two finals in three weeks, this time being the top spot and deserving of a historic achievement: the first ever World Blue Football League, the only trophy missing. After world silver in Budapest – a penalty shootout defeat to Spain – Citibelo beat the United States in Strasbourg, much more than the final says 13-9. It’s the right reward for a large group that knows how to sacrifice itself. Especially in the field of defense, we have gradually developed. At this point in the season the situation may not be ideal, but we managed it very well. We hope that this wave will continue in both the European Championships at the end of August and in the coming years,” Sandro Campagna comments on the Rai mics.


The Azzurri and the Americans had trained together in California, accompanied by three friendlies, before traveling to Strasbourg. So they also faced each other in the preliminary round, 13-9 for Udovic’s team, which is the same result today. In the final, Vavic missed because he was ineligible after a brutal treatment in the Raw semi-final with France. Campania leaves Condémé and Cassia in a state of rest and throws Nicosia among the poles. Two runs in balance (4-4), then Italy – which contains the bogeyman of Rico Hallock – smashed by three goals in just 67 inches (thanks to Damonte, who was then named MVP, De Soma and Renzoto), forcing Udovicic to enter Turner instead of Wrinberg in the net. It’s a really big feature that will expand until 12-5 from the last quarter. With the success now in the safe, Settebello loosens his grip and drags opponents by Bowen with a less outrageous passivity. Cinnamon to the applause, with the title of top scorer (16 goals): It was he who missed two penalties in the World Final with Spain in Budapest. Excellent Italian in numerical superiority, 8 out of 12, soiled only in the last minutes of the academy.

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Thus, this success is doubled for the Azzurri, who arrived in France without two new runners-up in the world (Di Fulvio for the turnover of the workers, Echenek on the convalescence, Bruni bruised, in any case only the podium for the medal). For Settebelo, this was the fourth World League final, after those who lost to Hungary in 2003, with Serbia in 2011 and 2017. In the honor roll, in 20 editions, and also third in 2012. Before this final. Last year in Tbilisi, Georgia, Montenegro defeated the Americans.

Italia: Del Lungo, Alesiani, Damonte 3, Iocchi Scratch, A.Fondelli 1, Cinnamon 3, Renzuto 1, Martial 1, N. Presciutti 1, F. Ferrero, E. Di Somma 3, Dolce, Nicosia. everything. United States of America: Weinberg, Dodd, Groel, Daub, Earhardt, Hallock 1, Woodhead 1, Bowen 4, Stevenson, Abramson, Irving 1, Turner. Udovic herds. the reviewer: Perez (Crowe) and Dotel Dumas (Ola). note: sip. Italy cylinders 12 (8 goals), USA 8 (5). Exit 3 f. Irving, Renzoto, Daub, Woodhead, Daub. At 11’30 Daub misses a penalty kick (another).

Friday 22Group A, Spain – Australia 13-10, Montenegro – Serbia 16-8. Group B, Italy – Canada 17-5, France – USA 19-17 on penalties (14-14).

Saturday 23Group A: Australia – Montenegro 9-8, Spain – Serbia 20-15. Group B, America-Canada 15-13, France-Italy 8-9.

Sunday 24Group A, Spain – Montenegro 12-10 on penalties (8-8), Serbia – Australia 14-7. Ranking: Spain 8; Montenegro 4; Serbia, Australia 3. Group B, US-Italy 13-9, France-Canada 12-8. Ranking: US 7; Italy 6 France 5; Canada 0.

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Monday 25: The quarters: Italy – Serbia 14-7, Spain – Canada 13-6, the United States – Australia 12-11, France – Montenegro 12-9.

Tuesday 26: Semi-finals Italy – Spain 9-8, France – USA 15-16.

Wednesday 27: Third place final France-Spain 8-11, first place Italy-USA 13-9.

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