Juventus Malmö Tonight: An opportunity for many young players. Allegri: “It should be a beautiful evening”

Juventus coach Max Allegri He spoke at the press conference in light of the match against Malmo, a match that the Bianconeri don’t have much to say in terms of standings: “There will be De Winter and Merretti, Sully can’t be in the young players list instead. We’ll see if we give the players they deserve because they deserve it.” They perform well. The shape? With 4-2-3-1 we are more organized, we divide better on the field. This does not mean that we will follow this path for the whole season, it also depends on the availability of the players. Tomorrow is difficult, I only have Bernardeschi from outside. We’ll have to make the virtue of necessity a hostile climate It’s going to snow, it’s not. I threw bombs…but we have to play and have fun and win It should be a good evening with a good win It’s important because when you win you feel better you You train better, you feel more calm: do this work to win matches, it is more satiation and gives you serenity in continuing to work.”

Latest training – Allegri will have to deal with several absences that will not allow him to get a 4-2-3-1 which he has done well especially on average in the last few rounds. The hypothesis of a three-way defense with Rugani from the start, confirmed by the coach, along with De Ligt and one between Bonucci and Chiellini, the alternative is a four-back guard with a potential surprise: Malik De Winter as fullback and Alex Sandro on the other side. A defense that was clearly unprecedented but even before Salernitana the coach tried. In the case of 4-3-3, Bernardeschi and Dybala will join the striker, Morata more than Kane is not at the top for a kick in the ankle. Rabiot owner, with two Locatelli, Arthur and Bentancur.

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