Alfa Romeo, is the 33 Stradale ready to be reborn? Here it is (video)

Alfa Romeo, is the 33 Stradale ready to be reborn?  Here it is (video)

Photos of the future Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale appeared on the Internet, which is one of the models that the head of the brand dreams of returning to production.

Committed to F1, but with a future definitely in the balance, Alfa Romeo She started changing her skin. In fact, the decisive redesign of the brand began after years when models were a rarity in the market. after, after StelvioDecide to bet hard now tonal, an SUV that aims to steal market shares from the major brands that now dominate the segment in Europe. We are waiting to understand what it will be like there BrennerExpected to debut next year, rumors are growing about upcoming cars that could end up in series production.

Alfa Romeo (ANSA) logo

The Tonale is the first Alfa Romeo that will also be fully electric, a technology that now looks like the car’s future. Major automakers have begun a complete restyling of their range for several years, which will be fully electrified in the next 10 years. In fact, from 2035, the construction of heat-sucking engines will be bannedwhile those who previously purchased it will still be able to keep spinning, leading to the end of the vehicle’s life. And the House in Milan, like the others, is adapting to this change.

There are many ideas circulating on the net about Biscione’s next moves in the market. Among the first fully electric cars from Alfa Romeo, the Giulia should be the four-door sedanbut there are also offers of another car that made the history of the Italian brand circulate online, who – which JULIET It was just released off the assembly lines two years ago but many enthusiasts would like to see it again on the road in a new look. There are also those who have taken the risk that this electrical breakthrough could lead to the completion of this project that had not previously been put into practice. Flying SaucerThe concept car that was produced in the fifties and that was just an exercise in style which then did not find a port on a real model.

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Alfa Romeo, “Dream” 33 Stradale is back

The program presented by the leaders of the Italian brand, which runs until 2030, talks about a series of new vehicles (at least 5) that will enrich and renew the entire fleet of Alfa cars. And there’s also talk of an iconic model that made the history of the Italian home: let’s talk about itAlfa Romeo 33 Stradalwhich will return in a completely new, semi-futuristic look.

between dreams Learn Jean-Philippeon top of the brand, there will be this model, in addition to Spider “Duet”. All to keep the emotional value of the brand and its history alive, without betraying more stubborn expectations tied to the past. The 33 Stradale remains to this day one of the most beautiful cars ever produced by the Italian house, which was marketed in the 1960s, namely from 1967 to 1969. AutodeltaOnly 19 copies were produced. It was a true gem, not only for the elegant and sporty lines at the same time, but also for the engine with which it was fitted, the 230 HP 2000 V8.

For the new 33 Stradale, Alfa Romeo will be willing to collaborate with Sauber Engineeringwhich has a partnership in F1 and with which it has already developed models such as Julia GTA And the GTam. And for the Biscione, that would be the fulfillment of a dream that’s already been on our minds since 2018, when senior management thought of a mid-engine supercar. There are those who talk about a possible V6 already seen in the Giulia and Stelvio with 630 hp, but in new ideas Stilants The Milan house management team also wants to produce some models with an electric motor, with a power of close to 1,000 hp.

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And like its predecessor, the 33 Stradale will be a limited series of 33 units, with prices that could go up to nearly 500 thousand euros. According to the first rumors leaked on the net, the look will recall not only the shape of the 1960s model but also the 8C, with a very low Alfa logo and a wide hood, which on the sides has an LED optic array with four horizontal stripes. On the sides of the brackets that also give way to the thinner air intakes that then become more squiggly at the rear of the Alfa, which features two round headlights plus a long strip that connects them roughly. To see it looks like a mini Ferrari.

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