Milan in Lecce separates the Scudetto from his chest. With no transfer market and no Kessie, Pioli isn’t to blame first page

Milan in Lecce separates the Scudetto from his chest.  With no transfer market and no Kessie, Pioli isn’t to blame  first page

Scored 1 point On how the game went, but lost two points in the run-up to Napoli. Since this is the most important, Milan 2-2 in Lecce has the bitter taste of surrender. No Rossoneri would ever admit it, but for what the classification and the field say, Calabria and co They can start unstitching the Scudetto from their shirts. To avoid doubt, Pioli should not be blamed because the current tournament, I played with the same men as last season Without real reinforcement, he indirectly reaffirmed the merits of the Rossoneri coach, the great architect of this achievement a year ago.

It can’t be a coincidence that after suffering a comeback against Roma last Sunday, Milan veered fearfully again, conceding two goals in less than half an hour and risk suffering from a third that would nullify the recovery reaction. The Rossoneri’s first problem, in fact, lies in the different performance of the defense from year to year, regardless of injury Minyan, because the entire section flops against Tatarusanu, starting with Kalulu who misses both goals against him. Single flaws, of course, are also more distracting than ever HernandezIt can be found in two reasons. The first, which is to some extent a symbol of the Milanese coup, is related to the fact that Kalulu Last season, he had an exceptional and non-recurring performance, in the sense that he was exaggerated and it was no coincidence that his work in the center was due to an emergency. The second, most important, and hitherto underestimated reason is Absence of a matchmaker like Casey. Thus, the Ivorian, or another midfielder with his characteristics, Milan’s defense, which a year ago was the best in the league, easily concedes goals. It is not enough to remember that lychee was lacking accent them By disqualification, because regardless of the performance of substitute Bobega, the whole team presented a silent spectacle for a while, immediately beaten by Hernandez’s goal trying to get ahead of Blaine and then by a header from Pacherotto, jumping between Kalulu and Calabria.

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Without pushing the wings Despite the unrealistic reboot of Liaoand without imagination in the middle where Diaz Emphasizing that he had no continuity, Pioli replaced disappointing wingers Hernandez and Silimikers after the break, and entered more energetic. Destination and Messias. More than these appropriate moves, a different team attitude was required, and in particular Beaches was invaluable Jerrod. The French player did not score, but first he conceded Liao’s goal, and was good at taking advantage of the goalkeeper’s rebound from his shot, and then the equalizer. Calabria, Willing to cash another head from the middle forward. Plenty, but not enough to beat Lychee, who isn’t worth losing.

With pointless inclusion in the epilogue assets And most encouraging from a perspective kjair, to strengthen unstable defense. Even if at this point it seems like a mere detail. Because Napoli look like they are from another planet and between their 5-1 win over Juventus and Milan’s 2-2 draw against newly promoted Lecce, there is a nine-point difference.

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