“I’ve never been a special player before, his expressions on the pitch are zero”

“I’ve never been a special player before, his expressions on the pitch are zero”

“Today Allegri has been put on the cross, but we must also take into account the Portuguese who imagines a boatload of money…”.


A “1 Football Club” in 1 radio stationIntervened Pietro Lo MonacoFormer sports director and member of the Federation Council.

Is Mourinho still a winning coach?It was never a Special One. Compared to his high salary, I think it’s less than what he sees. His expression on the field is zero. Today Allegri is put on the cross, but we must also think of the Portuguese who sees a boatload of money …“.

Spalletti’s teams have always expressed great football, he always strives to implement a great football system. In Naples, he has a team on a technical level that is important in its entirety. Players like Lobotka, Kim Kvara and Rahmani were appreciated… At first everyone was hesitant about the blue defensive line, but today it’s almost perfect. Napoli has the ability to express his game, they have an important team, everyone is able to make their contribution. It also has some individuals who are able to destabilize any opposing defense, players who can always make a difference“.

Is it time for Spalletti to win some prizes?League titles are won not just for good game, but for a series of matches. He only has to worry about his team’s game to impose his own strength, and in the end the product can be realized“.

Is italian coaches school the best?He has always been world class… I have seen many good coaches, but the best have always been the Italians. We provide expert technicians at any time, because they make great football. In Italy there are also many interesting young people, who can become important coaches. You must be brave, these exciting players must play as beginners. For example, Napoli have Zielinski, but more space can be given to Gaetano, the talented young man … One of the biggest gaps is the thought that they are never ready to play“.

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