Vitaliano Trevisan, writer and playwright, died at the age of 62: success in “The Fifteen Thousand Steps” and hospitalization in psychiatry in 2021

Died at the age of 62 Vitaliano TrevisanWriter, Actor, Playwright and Screenwriter. He was born in nearby Sandrigo Vicenza, in 1960, delayed writing: during his life he made many trades, from worker to ice cream maker to Surveyor. In 2002 he achieved national success with the novel fifteen thousand steps (“Campiello Europa” and “The Stranger” award winner) which contain the thoughts of a man with thousands of phobias and mechanical behaviour. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. exposed to Forced psychiatric hospitalization Last fall, he recounted his experience in Republic As a “disguised special envoy” he recounts his fellow patients with whom he lived through that difficult period.

In the 2000s, Trevisan was divided between literature, writing for film, theater and acting. They remember among his other books published by Einaudi bridge, collapse (2007) H Grotesques and Arabesques (2009). For the theater, in 2004 he edited an adaptation JULIET From Federico Fellini He wrote, among other things, Work makes you freeOrganized in 2005 by Tony Servillo. his monologues oscillations e On the right side only Posted, again by Einaudi, in Vol. two monologues (2009). He also worked in cinema as an actor and co-writer on First Love of Mathieu Garron (2004) and on TV (among others, in the series RIS Rome – Crimes Incomplete, 2009).

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