Marco Llorni, demolished without hesitation: “Bonolis can, he can’t”

Marco Llorni, demolished without hesitation: “Bonolis can, he can’t”
Marco Leoni –

Rai conductor Marco Llorni was demolished without any scruples. Compared to Paulo Bonolis, he can’t help but give up…

Connectors are by no means all the sameIn fact, their style can be the difference between a successful program and a failure. Recently, two conductors have been mercilessly compared, as they are completely opposite personalities.

Marco Lorni and Paolo Bonolis represent two very different faces of Italian television entertainment, Each has its own unique style and audience niche. Indeed, Liorni embodies understated elegance, offering measured management that never overwhelms anyone or takes up space. Thanks to this ability, he won public recognition.

Bonolis is completely different. His is one of those presences that pierce the screen, with charisma Immersive makes the audience laugh and keep them entertained. His management is very cynical and blunt. In addition to his moments of lightness, he also knows how to make the audience think without being heavy-handed.

While Liorni can be commended for his sobriety, Bonolis is an amazing artistMake you laugh and cry at the same time.

Criticisms of Marco Llorni

There was a moment of censorship on ‘Chain Reaction’, due to some heavy playing by the competitors which embarrassed the conductor Marco Llorni. The very sober and sweet conductor was blown away. during the game, The contestants used a somewhat exaggerated expression To guess the word “wallet”, saying “what do you get for the old lady.”

In fact, the producers preferred to censor the phrase. This added to what happened a few nights ago. In fact, Liorni had an uncomfortable moment, which was noticed by an onlooker who opined on a column written by Alessandro Cecchi Paoni on Nuovo Tv. Mr. Fabio lashed out, especially the conductor, regarding the double meanings present in the game, questioning whether they were really necessary. to At this point the columnist decides to demolish the Rai connector without any scruples. That’s what he said.

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Marco Leoni –

Cecchi Paone’s answer

Cecchi Paone was definitely not tender Commenting on what Mr. Fabio wrote, pointing out that everyone should maintain their television style without trying to imitate others.

In fact he said:I think on TV you can joke in certain ways. But Bonolis and Llorente can do it, certainly not Marco Llorini. ” So, a dash that no one expected from the former rival of The Island of the Famous who was famous for his honesty And frankness.

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