Men and women Jockey Elio Cervo announced his departure from the program: the reason

Men and women Jockey Elio Cervo announced his departure from the program: the reason

The controversial knight to the throne has decided to abandon the dating offer for men and women.

Through a video clip shared on his social media profiles Elio Cervo announced his farewell to men and women. The knight of the throne is finished Receive viewers:

“Goodbye, I’m leaving. I’m leaving without finding love. That’s right, it’s not there.”

The 65-year-old from Naples shared A video With several photos in the dating show’s dressing room accompanied by Vasco Rossi’s song, “Love song thrown away”

He arrived at Rawda men and women During 2023, Elio CervoBorn in 1958, he was in a relationship with him Gemma Galgani and Paola Rocco. During his participation in the dating show, the Campanian knight repeatedly clashed with Tina Cipolari With which there were clashes so heated that legal action was taken against each other.

The last one was on September 18, when he tried to reconcile with the commentator to no avail. Helium He stated that he was convinced that the position Tina The circumstances of the kindergarten heroes and the hatred that appears onion Do not allow him to make new acquaintances towards him. The rider initially came to the program to get to know him jewel However, he distanced himself from her by saying that he only considered her a friend. going out with Paula Then she was marked by the gesture the lady gave her Helium Especially annoying. there Rocco At dinner he ate butter, a food he could hardly tolerate. Tina and Gemma And then they intentionally ate some of it Ricotta In front of the knight to disturb him.

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“I don’t eat butter and ricotta because I have trauma, or rather real drama… Since I was a child, they beat me every day because I had to learn to eat ricotta.” declared the knight.

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