Miozzo “No Cts Needed? Science Replaces Politics” / “School, Declared Disaster”

the Scientific Technical Committee, which has guided policy decisions since the start of the Covid emergency, now appears to have a marginal role. He is convinced of that Agostinho MuseoCivil Protection Doctor who worked from February 2020 to 15 March 2021 as ACC Coordinator. “Scientific debate has been replaced by political analysis. The most recent decisions were made without certification from the CTS meeting. So it no longer has a reason to exist? No longer needed?“It seems that the role of experts has now diminished,” he says to the microphones of Vato Quotidiano.Initially, CTS met almost every day. We are now in a state of emergency and the last meeting was on December 29Miozzo points out.

He is currently in charge of the vaccination project in Sierra Leone in the Lombardy region, but is also a consultant for the Covid emergency and civil protection in Calabria. His feeling is that since he quit driving CTS Something has changed. “I regret that there is no longer a strong and reliable opinion from the institution that managed the state of emergency with the government for the past two years“. The last known opinion is that of quarantine while in residence School commitment and vaccination There isn’t, at least officially.

‘A conditional 10% not vaccinated? Embarrassment’

A scientific opinion on the obligation to vaccinate, to decide whether to set a cap at 50 instead of 40, I would probably ask. Also at school I would ask for a scientific opinion. This decision surprised me“, He goes Agostinho Museo. But in his interview with Fatto Quotidiano, he made it clear that he is still involved Measures taken, although “It seems to me that the obligation to vaccinate over the age of 50 is small. And February 15 seems too late, I would have finished the end of the monthTherefore, something has changed in the method I adopted government When it comes to deciding Corona virus disease. “There is much more politics than the scientific word, and now it is enough for the government to hear the statements of the Higher Institute of Health to make decisionsTherefore, the government has the data to make the decision, but it can still rely on scientific guidance.

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Instead in 2022 Scientific Technical Committee Not yet met. “theo I don’t see the meetings nor read the statements and scientific discussion that takes place at CTS. I conclude that the rules, needs and demands of the political world have changed. Whether it’s the government or the regionsAbout theVaccination commitment, Miozzo is clear: “Can we be conditional at 10%? I find this embarrassing. We need to achieve vaccination coverage as quickly as possible and as radical as possible. Instead, mandatory workplace vaccination will take effect on February 15, when we finish the Omicron wave.“.

“Son? Pillow disasters…”

The state of emergency is now underway and the criteria defining colors, in particular the red zone, must be revised because there are varante Omicron. “There are many voices in the media but no official opinion of the institutions. There is a missing institutional voice, I have a feeling it’s weak right now“Opinion Agostinho Museo. The same logic applies to smart work: “Having a scientific opinion wouldn’t be bad‘, confirms to Fatto Quotidiano. More sensitive is a subject The school, and he knows him well since he was also an advisor to the ministry between March and April. “The theme of the school is a declared disaster. By disaster, I mean a return to distance learning. I have a feeling an emergency always hauntsFor Miozzo, you are unlikely to live this day.

After all, a man grew up speaking Civil protection, where the mantra is prohibition. “If you want to reduce the vulnerability of the population, it must be done in peacetime. Otherwise, when the emergency arrives, all you can do is prayand ‘commissioner Son However, it certainly cannot work miracles, but the work done is important according to Miso. “It cures the health disaster, and it can’t even plug the school disaster. It is an ancient disaster, it does not depend on Minister Bianchi or Minister AzulinaIn fact, we find ourselves in a situation where “The school must find a solution to the school’s health problems. A health system that is already under stress cannot be relied upon“. It will then be necessary to find an independent management system for the needs of the school to stop living for the day.

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