Big Brother, Episode 2 Report Cards. Who are the top candidates?

Big Brother, Episode 2 Report Cards.  Who are the top candidates?

The second episode of the Big Brother series And the second Report cards. The Cards report is openly biased and ridiculous. But also the first nominations to eliminate the most spied on house tenant in Italy. Those who ended up in the nominations are Vittorio for the former cottages, and Rosie Chen, Giselda Torresan, and Grecia Colmenares for the other tenants.

Paolo: Vote are you serious? Santa calls Giselda Nostra because he is convinced that she is the object of his desire and that the “poor mountain girl” is falling in love with him. Paulino, just to be clear: Giselda cannot be touched.

Alex Schwazer: Vote and Run Forrest. He nominates Giselda because she is too weak and naive to join Big Brother. Of course, she’s stupid. Start running.

Beatrice Luzzi: I vote Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah vote. Rosie Chen mentioned and said at the same time: “We are already great friends.” Even Brutus said the same thing about Julius Caesar.

Cesara Bonamisi: Salotto vote. Meaning it looks great on the sofa. house. But your own home. He only says one smart thing: he’s defending Santa Giselda Nostra.

Giselda: Vote for the Prime Minister. Let us vote for it everywhere. Even when she’s not a candidate. Giselda is the recipe for everything. Yes, it has a sound that is difficult to bear if you do not appreciate ultrasound. But who among us does not have flaws? Let us always save her no matter what

Claudio Roma: Director’s Rating. In the sense of dealing. He was born again. He’s a new man. But he was a drug dealer. But he was born again. Great example. He was a drug dealer. Not cheap clothes. In fact, it makes sense to give it a chance. on TV. Why are we talking about children who have always respected the law. He was born again.

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Valentina Modeni: I vote almost like a dove does. Calling herself “Lady Vagiana” on social media, she presents herself with the same freshness and verve as a dove. Dry age. It will remain like a cat on the ring road. Just a hair full of herself. Or rather, a feather.

Greece Colmenares: Voting record of opponents. She is considered more annoying than a call center by most members of the house, who actually nominate her. She herself is as heavy as a wet coat. All in all, not the best start. Greece, bring out your inner topaz and amaze us.

Rosie Chen: Vote, the bastard rises. She does not have an easy personality and is accused of monopolizing the kitchen. She’s a chef, what does she have to control? About the swimming pool? She accepted the nomination in a sporting manner: “I hope now, if you keep nominating me, you won’t ask me to cook.” He has all the reasons in the world. Rosie, go play rock.

Men of the House: Vote for Pogba. You need some testosterone. Right now, the greatest dynamics are created by women. Okay okay, let’s be patient because we’re only just getting started. Guys, I’ll give you even Monday’s episode. But then you have to wake up.

Alfonso Signorini: I vote for Gialapi. Obviously he’ll make room for them, right? Oh no? Will he still drive? But why am I being tortured? We already had to get Pec and Speed, and I think that’s enough hellish suffering. no? Free us.

Social Share: Vote I’m already full. Rebecca Staveley has the same liveliness as my cat after eating, and the netizens’ comments are so funny and unpredictable that even Paula Egonu not being called up to the national team by the women’s national volleyball team coach David comes as an insult. Mazzanti surprise. In comparison, the current plot of The Bold and the Beautiful is a thriller. God forbid.

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