Rai license fee, how many bills will we pay during 2022

How often will we pay the Rai license fee over the course of 2022? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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For a few days now we have said goodbye to 2021 to welcome 2022. A particularly awaited New Year, which we hope will bring positive news with it. This is bearing in mind that we arrived two years ago very complicated due to Covid. On the other hand, the latter still has a negative impact on our lives, with more and more families having difficulty managing Finance Personal. If you then add the price increase, the ability to afford various expenses becomes increasingly complex.

On the other hand, there are many times when we find ourselves having to put our hand in the wallet for to pay Various goods and services of interest to us. Undoubtedly among them Rai license fee Which will also be repaid during 2022 by direct debit on invoice Electricity. Well, in this context, a question automatically pops up: How often will we pay the license fee? The year you just started? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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Rai license fee, how often will we pay in 2022: all you need to know

While it was a hypothesis Extension of fee payment for all electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, many are wondering how often we will have to pay this tax on the bill in 2022. Contrary to what has been assumed, in fact, even during the year that is just beginning, the Rai fee will be charged directly to the billelectricity, through small installments.

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The amount will always be equal to €90 which will be distributed during the first ten months of the year, or from January to October 2022. As for the number of installments, it will be equal to Ten installments 9 euros One if the bills are monthly. It follows that the Rai license fee will be deducted through Five installments if the bill is issued every two months. In this case, of course, the amount to be paid will be 18 euros every two months.

Rai license fees Watch out for the exemption: who can get it

Waiting to see if the government will decide to implement or not to implement changes related to payment methods and the amount of RAI fees already offered for 2023; It will be interesting to know that even in 2022, there are many topics that can benefit fromExemption of paying the tax in question. The latter, in fact, is good to remember, it is a possession tax and that is why it should not be paid in case You don’t have TVs at home.

However, the exemption is not automatic and interested parties must submit a specific self-certification to the Revenue Agency each year. In this particular context, it must be remembered that in order to benefit from the relative exemption for the whole of 2022, it is necessary to make a specific application By January 31 The year that just started.

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If the application is submitted between February 1 and June 30, the exemption will only be valid during the July-December 2022 semester. So it is possible to conclude that if you submit a particular application, yes He loses the right to be exempted from the RAI fee and has to return to paying it. In addition to those who do not have televisions at home, we also remind you that people over the age of 75 with their annual income and their spouse do not exceed A total of 8 thousand euros annually.

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