Virginia von Furstenberg died at the age of 48: she was the granddaughter of Gianni Agnelli

Virginia Maria Clara von Furstenberg48 years old, nephew Gianni AgnelliShe was found dead on the first floor of the Palace Hotel in Merano, in the province of Bolzano. He could have fallen from a higher floor.

Nephew of Gianni Agnelli

Virginia von Furstenbergartist and fashion designer born in Genoa, had a daughter Elizabeth Guarnati And Sebastian Egon von Furstenberg. His grandparents were Prince Tassilo and Clara Agnelli, Avocato’s sister. On February 18, the woman’s father presented himself at the Marghera Carabinieri station Report it missingas von Furstenberg She had left the house without notifying anyone. A few days later, on February 21, the family informed their family come back in at home.

That was Virginia von Faustenberg

Born in Genoa on October 5, 1974, Virginia von Faustenberg was a direct descendant of a German noble family originally from Baden-Württemberg. It debuted in 2011 Fashion world With a fashion show at the Teatro Filodrammatici, and the launch of a collection that later went on sale in boutiques in Milan, Florence and Rome. Also in the same year, Virginia von Faustenberg also suffered He first appeared on stage with Dysmorphophobia, on the subject of his anorexia. However, in 2012, the woman teamed up with Tommaso Trak to create a device The film focused on the life of her great-grandmother, Virginia Bourbon del Monte. In 2017, he had created an art installation dedicated to his mother, titled There was a beautiful house.

marriage and children

In 1992 Virginia von Faustenberg married the Baron Alexandre Chilagé de Passeur, Nabil Hungarian. Two children were born from their union: Miklos Tassilo Chilagi And Geneva Shelaghy. However, they divorced in 2002. After the first marriage ended, the woman gave birth Clara Paco Dondi of the hourborn from the relationship with Giovanni Paco Dondi Dal Orologio. In 2004, von Faustenberg got married Paco Bolinghi And he has two sons: Otto Leon Maria Polenghi And Santiago Bolinghi. On October 28, 2017, she married Virginia von Faustenberg Janusz GoronskiHe comes from an ancient and noble Polish family. They divorced in 2020.

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