GfVip, Alex Belli kisses Jessica before leaving the house: An unexpected reaction from his wife

Once again, Delia Duran’s husband became the hero through a gesture that no one expected

Until the last second of stay, Alex Bailey He managed to keep all the lights on him. Regardless of the many criticisms received, it must be admitted that he was able to direct almost all the attention to him. He did this using cunning combined with his acting qualities, thanks to which he achieved great success as an actor in some TV series that are very popular with Italian audiences.

Alex Bailey (Instagram)

Alfonso Signorini reported Alex’s exit announcement Just yesterday, a few hours before filming started. The decision was communicated to the actor during the evening, and in the end he definitively left the most spying house in Italy.

While a few days ago the “evil blonde kiss” was between Delia Duran and Sully SorgeAnd, more recently, it was Billy himself who surprised all viewers (and not only) with a similar gesture.

Alex Bailey, the surprise kiss with Jessica Selassie

Two nights before I left the reality show Alex gave a kiss to one of Selassie’s two sisters remained in the game. Of course it comes JessicaLulu waits to hug Manuel again once filming is over.

Jessica said that she was surprised by the actor’s move, as she herself told Sophie Codegoni: He kissed me in front of Delia and Sulli. “I’ve been wanting to do this all evening,” he told me. And I “ah”. took off immediately. I think they started a gameBecause I thought he was taking me and pretending, and instead he took me to give me a kiss. But love was static.”

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Jessica Selassie (Instagram)

Alex also decided to trust the kiss that occurred between him and Selassie. He did this to Manila Nazzaro and his wife, and their reaction was the most surprising of all. In fact, she said she wasn’t upset at all: “No, I wasn’t angry, because I was with him and that makes all the difference. Let’s say we shared it together. To do these things, we have to be together, because if he did it alone, he would be different and have a different sound. As I always say, this is engagement,” the Venezuelan model admitted, explaining her vision of free love for the thousandth time.

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